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I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I enjoy posting to them.


A Sloan Family Blog
This is the weblog about and for my family and friends. It is meant to tell an important story, the story of our lives.
My Opinion
In some of my other websites and blogs I am careful to keep my opinions to myself so as not to offend anybody or take away from their mission. By coming to this site you are affirming your willingness to read my rants and posts about faith and spirituality.


Steve Sloan, SJSU Tech on a mission
I am on a personal mission to evangelize emerging technology in higher education. This weblog does not represent the opinions of San Jose State University or anybody else for that matter. It is about tech and my passion for Emerging Technology.


My blog about bicycling and bicycle riding in and around San Jose, California.

Special Thanks

All the great folks who helped me out with information and inspiration for these Web pages!