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ATSF Ce-10

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

ATSF Rolling Stock


ATSF 999588 ATSF Ce-10
ATSF Ce-10 caboose 999588 on the rear of a westbound east of Woodford, CA on May 14, 1989.

The ten Ce-10's were upgraded from Ce and Ce-5 class cars at the Topeka shops simultaneous with the Ce-9 class. The Ce-9's and Ce-10's reportedly only differed in the type of cushion underframe applied. Lost in a sea of look-alike Ce-1's and Ce-2's, the 9's and 10's lived out their lives in road service, with most lasting less than a dozen years between rebuilding and retirement.
Kodachrome Slide 890078, Scan 2010091801_004
ATSF 999591 ATSF Ce-10
ATSF class CE-10 999591 on the rear of a westbound at Walong, CA. May 14, 1989.
Kodachrome Slide 890073, Scan 2010091901_003

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