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Sources I cite!

Steve Sloan's Trains : Sources

I am not an expert or a professional!

That's too much like work.

I am not trying to be a source

I am a hobbyist.

Why I use the word "reportedly"...

I may list sources in detail, in general or, quite often, just use the term "reportedly." The word reportedly is an adverb that means, "according to what some people say."

Resources vary in quality

Take it or leave it:

Sometimes sources conflict. I may try to guess which information is most accurate. Sometimes I guess wrong. I am not going to vet or evaluate sources in depth. I cannot personally verify the builders location, date and serial number of the equipment I photograph.

I was not there when the locomotive was built. I do not have proof of my own. I don't know for sure, and I am not trying to be authoritative; so, I use reportedly. I am just trying to give perspective to the photos, not be a source. When I use reportedly I am trying to tell readers my information is not checked for accuracy and I have no intention of doing deep research.

Some information is good and some is bad

Notes I took myself may have errors!

I appreciate correction (but not snarky criticism) and apologize for the inevitable errors. But, I am not trying to be an information source. I just share pictures and give them some context. If this really bugs you please don't look at my pictures.

Remember, I am just a guy with a train hobby, an amature. I am not pretending to be a professional.


Reference: You Got A Gold Star!

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Sources for this Website
Print sources
Print sources are the most fixed. This can be good and bad since errors are not easily corrected.
Web sites that may, or may not, be used as source material at some times

NOTE: If anything is my "life's work" it's my train photos. — If you scan an analog photo of mine, or if you share a digital photo I took that does not have my photo credit, add something like "Photo by Steve Sloan" directly onto the image. It's not enough to say "Photo by Steve Sloan" in the text caption. People download photos off the Internet/Social Media platform and whatever is in the text does not stick to the photo. Then, they get reshared and that data is lost. I deserve credit for my work.

You may not use my photos for profit and/or as part of, or to sell, a product or service without my consent.

Special Thanks

All the great folks who helped me out with information for these Web pages!

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