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SP C415 Set

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I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Railroads on this site

These are groups of phots specific to the following railroads.

Alameda Belt Line
Photos related to the Alameda Belt Line.
Photos related to Amtrak.
Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe
Photos of the ATSF and it's subsidiaries.
Burlington Northern
Photos of the BN and it's subsidiaries.
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
Photos of the BNSF and it's subsidiaries.
Photos of the Caltrain.
California Nothern
Photos of California Northern.
Canadian Pacific
Photos of the Canadian Pacific and it's subsidiaries including:
  • The Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad
City of Prineville Railway
Photos of The City of Prineville Railway.
CSX Railroad
Photos of CSX and its subsidiaries.
Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad
Photos of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (DRGW)
Finger Lakes Railway
Photos of the Finger Lakes Railway
GATX Locomotive Group
Photos of the GATX Locomotive Group
Genesee Valley Trans. Co.
Photos of the Genesee Valley Transportation Company and it's subsidiaries including:
  • Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad
  • Depew, Lancaster and Western Railroad
  • Falls Road Railroad
  • Genesee and Mohawk Valley Railroad
  • Lowville and Beaver River Railroad
  • Mohawk, Adirondack and Northern Railroad
Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
Photos of the Genesee & Wyoming Inc. and it's subsidiaries including:
  • Buffalo & Pittsburgh
Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad
Photos of the Idaho Northern and Pacific Railroad
Iowa Pacific Holdings (IPH)
Photos of the Iowa Pacific Holdings (IPH) Company
Livonia Avon and Lakeville Railroad (parent company)
Click here to see photos of the Livonia Avon and Lakeville Railroad and its subsidiaries:
Metro-North Railroad
Photos related to Metro North.
The Milwaukee Road
Photos of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad (The Milwaukee Road) and it's subsidiaries.
Modesto & Empire Traction Company (M&ET)
Photos of the Modesto & Empire Traction Company.
Mount Hood Railroad (MH)
Photos of the Mount Hood Railroad
National Railway Equipment Co. (NREC)
Photos of National Railway Equipment Co. (NREC) and it's subsidiaries including:
  • VMV Paducahbilt
New South Wales Government Railways (NSWGR)
Photos of the New South Wales Government Railways
Niles Canyon Railway
Photos of Niles Canyon Railway
Norfolk Southern Railway
Photos of Norfolk Southern and its subsidiaries.
Norfolk and Western
Photos of N&W and its subsidiaries.
Ontario Midland Railroad
Photos of the Ontario Midland.
Locomotives owned by RailAmerica.
Locomotives owned by Railpower Technologies Corp.
RR Power Leasing LLC (RRPX)
Railroad equipment owned by RRPX
Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad
Photos of the Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad.
Sierra Northern (and Sierra Railroad)
Photos of Sierra Northern and its subsidiaries.
Southern Pacific
Photos of the SP and its subsidiaries.
Photos related to Stourbridge Line Rail Excursions
Trona Railway
Photos of Trona Railway
Union Pacific
Photos of the UP and it's subsidiaries.
United States Military
Photos of military railroading.
Via Rail Canada (VIA)
Photos of Via Rail Canada
Washington Central Railroad (WCRC)
Photos of the Washington Central Railroad.
Western Pacific
Photos of the WP and it's subsidiaries.
White Pass and Yukon
Photos of the WPY and it's subsidiaries.

Logging Railroads

Logging Roads Including

Industrial Railroads on this Site

United States Steel
Click on this link to see photos of USS.

Trains on Twitter

An experiment, a train feed on Twitter? Why would I do that?

Trips and other collections of photos

These are typically trips, but these can also be other sets of people, places or special trips that are nice to group together.

Index of trips and other collections
These are collections of photos that go together.
Railroad buildings and structures.

Trip and Field Notes

This new section is for the archiving of notes made in the field.

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