British Columbia Railway (BCOL)

BCOL RS3 573
British Columbia Railway (BCOL) MLW (ALCo) RS3 573 is switching a lumber mill in Squamish, BC, on August 7, 1985.

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British Columbia Railway (BCOL)

British Columbia Railway (BCOL) and predecessors.


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Reportedly BCOL 573 was built in 1954 by MLW as a model RS3, builders number 81172, PGE 573. It became BCOL 573 and in 1986 it was rebuilt and renumbered to BCOL S408 (Yard Slug).
BCOL 573 in Squamish, BC
British Columbia Railway (BCOL) ALCo RS3 573 is switching a lumber mill in Squamish, BC, on Wednesday, August 7, 1985.

CP/BCOL 2860 MLW 4-6-4, H1e Royal Hudson

"Royal Hudson" 2860 is a MLW built 4-6-4, CP Class H1e. Reportedly: built by MLW in 1940 as CP 2860 Serial Number 69292. Retired in 1956 she was withdrawn at Winnipeg and languished outside Weston Shops until August 1964 when she was acquired by the Vancouver Railway Museum Association for preservation. The project failed and she was acquired by the Province of British Columbia to operate summer season steam excursions between North Vancouver and Squamish. Before this was possible, a complete overhaul was necessary and the locomotive was rehabilitated at CPR's Drake Street Shops in Vancouver before returning to traffic on June 20, 1974. 2860 was operated by the British Columbia Department of Travel and Industry with the cooperation of the British Columbia Railway. The excursion operated between May and October, from Wednesday through Saturday, for 25 years until 1999. 2860 is still owned by the British Columbia government, but is on permanent loan to the West Coast Railway Association (WCRA) and is housed securely under cover at the West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish, B.C. The locomotive boiler has been rebuilt with the plan to resume specialty rail tours.
SP 2281 with Royal Hudson, 2860
On Wednesday March 23, 1977 the Southern Pacific's SW1200 2281 helped the Royal Hudson move around the West Oakland, California yard. It is captured here near Tenth Street and Oakland's Desert Yard. Note the beet gons in the Desert Yard.

BCOL 4622 and CN 5457, GE C40-8M and EMD SD60

BCOL 4622 is a GE C40-8M reportedly built in 1990 as BCOL 4622, serial number 46317.
BCOL & CN in Michigan
On Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in (or near) Gladstone, MI, BC Rail (BCOL) GE C40-8M 4622 is with Canadian National CN 5457 in a heavy downpour.

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