Am 489 FL9 on Lakeshore Limited

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I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Locomotives by number

Amtrak Roster
  • Mostly P42DC units
  • Mostly covered wagons and SDP40Fs
  • Pooches and P32AC-DM GEs
  • Everything Else

Amtrak Passenger Trains

West Coast
California Zepher
  • Trains 5-6 after the Amtrak takeover
Coast Starlight
  • Trains 11-14 after the Amtrak takeover
Amtrak Capitol and San Joaquin Service
  • Trains after the Amtrak takeover

Amtrak Rolling Stock

Cab Cars
Cab Cars

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By The Diesel Shop
SDP40F to F40PHR
This page, by On Track On Line, arranged by SDP40F road number, provides the F40PHRs that received transplanted parts. Four digit numbers under F40PHR are ATSF road numbers.

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