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Steve Sloan's Trains : National Railway Equipment Co.

National Railway Equipment Co.

According to their Web site:

National Railway Equipment Co. (NREC), headquartered in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, is a privately owned, vertically integrated provider of new and remanufactured locomotives, locomotive products and wheel services. Founded by Lawrence Beal in 1984, National Railway Equipment Co. has grown to become the world's largest supplier of remanufactured locomotives, new and rebuilt mechanical and electrical systems and components. The company also provides locomotive field service and technical support. NREC delivers locomotives and services to customers throughout North America and worldwide.

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VMV Paducahbilt

According to their Web site:

VMV Paducahbilt, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NREC, has a rich, 70-year heritage of performance and quality locomotive work. Ideally located in Paducah, Kentucky, VMV has over 450,000 square feet of covered manufacturing space on 114 acres.

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NRE VMV 6694 is an EMD SDP45. Reportedly VMV Paducahbilt (a subsidiary of NRE) 6694 was built in 1970 by EMD as a model SDP45, builders number 36881, EL 3663.
Other owners and numbers for this locomotive reportedly include CR 6694. This locomotive ended up sitting and looking derelict in Duryea, PA years later.
VMV 6694 in Manteca
VMV Paducahbilt (VMV) SDP45 (ex-CR) 6694 on an SP train at Manteca, CA that was stuck due to a major derailment on Feb. 20, 1989.
VMV 6694 in Roseville
VMV Paducahbilt (VMV) SDP45 (ex-CR) 6694 is waiting for work in the Roseville Power on an unrecorded day in or about 1989.

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