Via Rail Canada (VIA)

VIA FP7 6553 in Vancouver, BC on the point of the eastbound Canadian on Friday, June, 29, 1984.


According to Wikipedia, Via Rail Canada (reporting mark VIA) is an independent Crown corporation, subsidized by Transport Canada, mandated to offer intercity passenger rail services in Canada.

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VIA 920, GE P42DC

Via Rail Canada (VIA) 920 is a GE P42DC reportedly built by GE as P42DC VIA 920 builders number 53236, in 2001.
VIA 920 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Via Rail Canada (VIA) P42DC 920 leads a VIA train in Brantford, Ontario, Canada on Sunday, July 21, 2019.

VIA 6553, FP7A class DPA-15a

VIA 6553 is ex-CP 4103, 1404, ex-VIA 1404 FP7A class DPA-15a. It was built by General Motors Diesel Division London, ON, GMDD serial number A524.
VIA 6553 on the point of the Canadian
VIA FP7 6553 in Vancouver, BC on the point of the eastbound Canadian on Friday, June, 29, 1984.

VIA 6763, MLW FPA4

Reportedly VIA 6763 was built in 1958 by MLW as a model FPA4, builders number 82272, as CN 6763.
Vintage Locomotives Inc. (VLIX) may be the owner? Other owners and numbers for this locomotive reportedly include NCRY 6763, VIA 6763, DRMX 6763, DL 6763. This locomotive became Waldens Ridge Railroad (WRRX) 6763.

VIA 6763 in Scranton
Vintage Locomotives Inc. (VLIX) FPA4 6763 is outside the DL shops, Scranton, PA on Tuesday, July 9, 2019.

VIA 6776, MLW FPA4

VIA 6776 is a MLW FPA4. Reportedly it was built in 1959 as FPA4 CN 6776, serial number 83154. It became VIA 6776. It went to Portola after being retired by VIA. From Portola it went to Grand Canyon Railway as GCRY 6776.
Photo of VIA 6776 in Portola

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