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Canadian Pacific

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Rolling Stock

CP 434540, M930 Caboose

CP Caboose at Mac Tier
On Monday, July 22, 2019, former Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) M930 caboose 434540 is sitting at Mac Tier, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Track and Bridges

Parry Sound Trestle

Grain Train on Trestle
On Monday, July 22, 2019, a westbound Canadian Pacific grain train goes across the trestle in Parry Sound, Ontario. The rear end of this train would turn out to be the only train I would photograph on this bridge.

Deleware and Hudson Railway

The Delaware and Hudson Railway (D&H) (reporting mark DH) is a railroad that operates in the Northeastern United States. In 1991, after more than 150 years as an independent railroad, the D&H was purchased by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP). CP operates D&H under its subsidiary Soo Line Corporation which also operates Soo Line Railroad.

DH 5017, ALCo RS36

DH 5017 is an ALCo RS36. DH 5017 reportedly was built in 1963 by ALCo as a model RS36, builders number 3356-07, DH 5017. Other owners and numbers reported as associated with this serial number include DURR 5017.
DH 5017 Arkville, New York
Former Delaware and Hudson Railway (DH) RS36 5017 is is resting at the Delaware and Ulster Railroad (DURR), in Arkville, New York, on Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

DH 35712, International Car Co. Wide Vision Caboose

DH 35712 is a Steel Wide Vision Caboose made in 1959 by the International Car Co.
DH 35712 Dickson City, PA
The Delaware and Hudson Railway (DH) 35712, a Steel Wide Vision Caboose, is at Dickson City, PA on Tuesday, July 9, 2019.

Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad

The Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad (reporting mark DME) was a Class II railroad subsidiary of the Canadian Pacific Railway operating across South Dakota and southern Minnesota in the northern plains of the United States. Portions of the railroad also extended into Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa. Canadian Pacific merged with and acquired the DM&E as of October 31, 2008. Click on the following links to see pictures related to the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad:

DME SD40-2 6364
At 2:20pm DME SD40-2 6364 leads DME SD40 6083 and CSX 7888 lead an ethanol train under the Tifft Bridge in Buffalo New York on June 20, 2010.
Nikon F5 Analog Image, Delta 100 B&W Film, 45.09.25, Scan 2011032301.4
DME 6364 EMD SD40-2 at Depew | Meeting Amtrak | Going under signal bridge
DME SD40-2 6364 and SD40 6083 led CSX toaster C40-8W 7888 on an ethanol train to meet Amtrak at Depew Amtrak Station in Buffalo, NY on June 20, 2010.
Nikon D300s Digital Images 2010062001.59 | 2010062001.45 | 2010062001.64

Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad

The Iowa, Chicago and Eastern Railroad (IC&E) (reporting mark ICE) was a Class II railroad operating in the north central United States. It has been controlled by the Canadian Pacific Railway and operated as a part of its system since October 30, 2008.

ICE 6415 EMD SD40-2
  • ICE SD40-2 6415 and DME 6364 are on the CSX on July 24, 2012. Their ethanol train is sitting near the intersection of Shores Alley and Ellicott Rds. in Cheektowaga/Buffalo, NY.
    Nikon D300s Digital Image 2012072601ph.76
  • Roster shot of the engine.
    Nikon D300s Digital Image 2012072601ph.49


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No food or no iPods?
Maybe both, on June 3, 2008 at Exporail, the Canadian Railroad Museum, near Montréal, Canada.

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Trip to Exporail on Flickr
On June third we went to Montréal via Exporail, the Canadian Railroad Museum. At Exporail we saw CP 4744 a one of a kind M640. 4744 was one of many locomotives there built by Montréal Locomotive Works, the Canadian subsidiary of the the American Locomotove Company (ALCO).

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