Burlington Northern

BN C636 4366

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. The BN has come to dominated Northwest Railroading during the time it existed.

BN and its subsidiaries

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BN 2079 EMD GP38-2
BN 2079, a GP38-2, leads a train, I think the location is Lake Almanor siding, Feb. 10, 1973.
Analog Image Tri-X Film

BN 4082, ALCo RS3

According to good sources BN 4082 is former NP 858. It was built by ALCo in 1955, builder's number 81155. It was retired in 1978.
BN (NP) 4082 leading SP & former SP&S power in Vancouver, WA
On Tuesday July 17, 1973 BN (NP) 4082, SP 6583 and BN (SP&S) 4078 lead a southbound into Vancouver Washington.
BN 4366 Alco C636
In Vancouver, Washington; Burlington Northern Alco C636 4366 sits in good light outside the shops on June 24, 1974.
BN 6643 EMD F45 Photo One | Photo Two
Photo One: BN F45 6643 and an F45 sister lead a set of EMDs and Alcos around the curve where the Highline swings south from Lake Almanor heading toward Greenville. Feb. 10, 1973.

Photo Two: BN F45 6643 and F45 sister 6631 lead a set of EMDs and Alcos crossing highway 89, heading south on their way to Greenville. Feb. 10, 1973.
Analog Image Tri-X Film
BN 9732 EMD F3A
In the Tacoma BN yard is Big Sky Blue F3 9732 in July 1973. This old warrior has many more years in her and after a repaint and a renumber it will last into the early 80's as the second 706.

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