Genesee & Wyoming Inc.

B and P 1513

According to their Web site Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (GWI) owns and operates short line and regional freight railroads in the United States, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. Operations currently include 62 railroads organized in nine regions, with approximately 6,000 miles of owned and leased track and approximately 3,400 additional miles under track access arrangements. GWI provides rail service at 16 ports in North America and Europe and performs contract coal loading and railcar switching for industrial customers.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Buffalo & Pittsburgh RR

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B & P 1513, EMD SW1500 approaching | going away
Buffalo & Pittsburgh SW1500 1513, Ex-CEFX, exx-CR 9546, nee PC, leads GP9-3 886, Ex-N&W; rebuillt in 2004 with lo-nose, under the Tifft Street bridge in Buffalo, NY on June 20, 2010.
D300s Digital Images 2010062001_007 | 2010062001_035

Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad (CORP)

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Genesee & Wyoming Australia

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Georgia Southwestern Railroad

The Georgia Southwestern Railroad (reporting mark GSWR) is a Class III short line railroad company operating in southwestern Georgia and a small portion of Alabama. It consists of several different rail lines acquired from CSX and Norfolk Southern and originally operated as divisions of the South Carolina Central Railroad. In 2008 the railroad was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming Inc.

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GSWR 1900 EMD SD9M roster Black and White
Ex DMIR Georgia Southwestern Railroad SD9M 1900 on July 1, 2010 at St Albans, VT.
Analog Image, Nikon F5, Fuji Acros 35mm 100 B&W Neg Film: Neg 45.17.11, Scan 2011041101.1
GSWR 1901 EMD SD9M roster | Approaching | Back End | Black and White
Far from home, Georgia Southwestern Railroad ex DMIR SD9M 1901 switching in the New England Central's Italy yard at on July 1, 2010 at Elm St, in St Albans, VT.
D300s Digital Images 2010070101.28 | 2010070101.27 | 2010070101.43 | Analog Image, Nikon F5, Fuji Acros 35mm 100 B&W Neg Film: Neg 45.17.28, Scan 2011041101.2

Pierre and Eastern Railroad (RCPE)

According to Wikipedia: Rapid City, Pierre and Eastern Railroad (reporting mark RCPE) is a Class II railroad operating across South Dakota and southern Minnesota in the northern plains of the United States. Portions of the railroad also extend into Wyoming, and Nebraska. It is owned and operated by Genesee & Wyoming.

RCPE 3435, EMD SD40-2

RCPE 3435 is an SD40-2. Reportedly RCPE 3435 was built by EMD as SD40-2 UP 3659 in 1980. Other reporting marks and numbers said to be associated with this locomotive include RCPE 6433, ICE 6433.
RCPE 3435 in Rapid City, SD
On Monday, July 29, 2019, Pierre and Eastern Railroad (RCPE) 3435 is at Pressler Junction, Rapid City, SD.

Arizona and California Railroad (ARZC)

The Arizona and California Railroad (reporting mark ARZC) is a class III short line railroad that was a subdivision of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF). The ARZC began operations on May 9, 1991. It was purchased in January 2002 by shortline railroad holding company RailAmerica. The Genesee & Wyoming shortline railroad holding company purchased RailAmerica in December 2012. ARZC's main commodities are petroleum gas, steel, and lumber; the railroad hauls around 12,000 carloads per year.

ARZC 58, Business Car

ARZC 58 sitting in Barstow
At Barstow, CA, on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at 3:10 p.m. Arizona & California Railroad (ARZC) Business Car 58 is sitting at the Western America Railroad Museum at the Harvey House.

Portland and Western Railroad PNWR

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Willamette & Pacific Railroad

According to Wikipedia, Willamette and Pacific Railroad (reporting mark WPRR) is a subsidiary of The Portland and Western Railroad (reporting mark PNWR) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of shortline and regional railroad holding company Genesee & Wyoming Inc. [Read More]

Willamette & Pacific 1801 EMD GP9, SP Class EF418R-4

Reportedly (sources) Willamette & Pacific 1801 was built in April 1959 as Southern Pacific EMD GP9 5830, Order Number: 5595, Serial Number: 25130, Frame Number: 5595-31. In 1965 it became SP 3693, SP Class EF418-8. In Sept 1977 it was upgraded becoming 3855 SP Class EF418R-4. It was retired by the SP in December 1992. In May 1993 it became W & P 1801. According to Ted Curphey on Trainorders, "This was back when Bob Melbo was starting up the Willamette and Pacific. He repainted the geep in Black Widow as a tribute to the history of the lines..."
WPRR 1801 in Eugene
On June 2, 2007 Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary Willamette & Pacific 1801 former SP 3855, 3693, 5830 is sitting in Eugene, Oregon waiting for work.
  • Photo of WPRR 1801
    Nikon D2Hs Digital Image: 2007060101ph.87

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