California Northern RR.

CFNR 503

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

California Northern RR.

California Northern Railroad (Symbol CFNR) is owned by RailAmerica.

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California Northern 109 EMD GP15-1 | Nose shot
Cal Northern GP15-1 109 sits in Davis, CA at 6:15 p.m. on August 12, 2010.
Nikon D300s, Digital Images: 2010081601_023 | 2010081601_026
California Northern 503 NRE 3GS21B | With Shop Building
May 7, 2010: California Northern 503 NRE 3GS21B 503 at Tracy, CA with two GP15-1s.
California Northern 503 NRE 3GS21B at Westley | Approaching Patterson | Switching Patterson | Leaving Patterson | Crossing Creek | Passing Grain Silo | At Liberty Packing | Tractor | Approaching Volta | At Volta | Milepost 136 | Volta Train | Volta Nose | Northbound at Liberty | Near Newman| Patterson Set Out | Westley | Oak Tree | Vernalis | Lyoth Signal | Lyoth Dog Leg |Lyoth Diamonds
June 11, 2010: California Northern Railroad (Symbol CFNR), National Railway Equipment Co. (NRE) built, model 3GS21B Genset is where steam engines once filled their water tanks and the Southern Pacific's nocturnal Owl fast passenger train used to scream it's steam whistle at night while scurrying sleeping passengers between Oakland and Los Angeles.
California Northern 504 NRE 3GS21B
California Northern 504 an NRE 3GS21B passes GP15-1 109 in Davis, CA at 6:25 p.m. on August 12, 2010.
Nikon F6, Ektachrome 100B Analog Image: 2010091001_001
Tracy Shop Building
California Northern ex-SP shop building at Tracy, CA on May 7, 2010.
SP Crossbuck Near Vernalis
On Center Road, just south of Vernalis, on the California Northern, along the route of the Owl, was this crossbuck that still proudly said, Southern Pacific. May 7, 2010.

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