Virginia and Truckee Railroad

VT 20 Tahoe
Virginia and Truckee Railroad (VT) 20 "Tahoe" is sitting inside the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania near Strasburg, PA, on Sunday, July 7, 2019.

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Virginia and Truckee Railroad (VT)

When first constructed in the 19th century, it was a commercial freight railroad which was originally built to serve the Comstock Lode mining communities of northwestern Nevada. At its height, the railroad's route ran from Reno south to the state capital at Carson City. In Carson City, the mainline split into two branches. One branch continued south to Minden, while the other branch traveled east to Virginia City. The first section from Virginia City to Carson City was constructed beginning in 1869 to haul ore, lumber and supplies for the Comstock Lode silver mines.

The railroad was abandoned in 1950 after years of declining revenue. Much of the track was pulled up and sold, along with the remaining locomotives and cars. In the 1970s, with public interest in historic railroads on the rise, the old lines were rebuilt by private investors, with an eye towards re-opening the lines.


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Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

VT 20 "Tahoe" Baldwin 2-6-0

According to good sources, VT 20 "Tahoe" was built in 1875 by Burnham, Perry, Williams & Company, (Baldwin Locomotive Works), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a model Prarie 2-6-0, builders number 3687.
The Tahoe was in service on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad for 51 years beginning in 1875. The locomotive was used for most types of service on the railroad. The Tahoe was last used in April 1926; the engine was retired to the Carson City engine house and remained in storage until being re-activated during World War II.
It was sold to Clifford C. Bong Construction Company in August 1942, and was used to build several railroad classification yards for the United States Army Corps of Engineers during the war. After the war, No. 20 was restored at Bong’s Arcadia, California yard. In 1968, the Tahoe was sold to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for preservation and is currently on display at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg Pennsylvania.
VT 20 at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
Virginia and Truckee Railroad (VT) 20 "Tahoe" is sitting inside the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania near Strasburg, PA, on Sunday, July 7, 2019.

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