East Trip - June 25, 2010

LAL 420

Friday was a frustrating day for chasing trains. I did a lot of driving and have little to show for it.

I had leaned heavily on one source for information and so far everything I got from that source had proved wrong. So, I figured what that source had told me had to be right this time, not. Admittedly chasing shortlines is sketchy at best. You never know when luck could change.

I had been told the Livonia, Avon and Lakeville Railroad (LAL) city train left Lakeville, NY (did you know there are three Lakeville, New Yorks?) for Genessee Junction On MWF at eight. I made it to a photo location outside of town at 7:30. I waited until around nine before deciding in my mind the train had left early and beat me out of town. That's what I thought.

I made the long drive to Genessee Junction and waited and waited. I had my iPad so I posted a what's up with this to an LAL newsgroup and eventually got a reply, the LAL did not run a city train that day!

That same unnamed source that had struck out told me anybody who approached the LAL shops was in danger of being arrested. But, I wanted to get some LAL, so I took a chance. I drove back to Lakeville and went to the shops and asked permission to take pictures, what do you know? They were very nice and I got it! That's how I got these photos.

Then I decided to make a mad dog rush across New York to catch the Falls Road Railroad train in Medina, NY. So, I had lunch, then drove through LeRoy and Batavia to Medina, NY. No train!

So, I went into the RR museum there and asked, what's up with this? The reply, they ran Thursday this week rather than Friday. That's it, I decided. I thought about going back and chasing CSX, but I switched to tourist mode. I wanted to drive along the Lake Shore so I did not do any more train chasing in New York after that.

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June 25, 2010

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