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The SW1500s seemed to be the sure replacements for the 70-tonners. This would not have been bad because they were pretty interesting. Their tenure on the M&ET were a lot shorter than expected.

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Modesto and Empire Traction Company


Locomotives in the 1500 series; Action and Roster

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M&ET 1500 EMD SW1500

SW1500 EMD builder's number 33622 built in 1968 former Vancouver Wharves #821, originally Cotton Belt (SSW) 2491, retired 2009, for sale [Source]
Working in March 2008
On March 31, 2008 the 1500 was hard at work for its owner.
  • Photo of 1500 working near Yosemite Blvd. and Mitchell in Modesto, CA
    Ektachrome 200, Digital Image 2008040201.1, 6x6 Transparency
  • Photo of 1500 working near Stanislaus Food Products
    Ektachrome 200, 120 format Digital Image 2008040201.2, 6x6 Transparency
  • Photo of SW1500 1500 as it waits for work near Stanislaus Food Products in Modesto, CA on March 31, 2008.
    Ektachrome 200 Digital Image 2008040201.3, 6x6 Transparency
1500 on July 30, 2008.
What we thought would replace the 70-tonners, M&ET 1500 switches between Empire and Modesto on July 30, 2008.
1500 on December 30, 2008
My motor drives were burning black and white film on my last railfan excursion of 2008 It was a foggy day in Modesto, CA. I prefer black and white film on overcast days. In the last shot M&ET SW1500 1500 hostles a set of GE's near the shops on McClure Ave in Modesto, CA on December 30, 2008.

M&ET 1501 EMD SW1500

1501 SW1500 Builder: EMD Serial: 33620 Built 1968 Former: Vancouver Wharves #823, Built as Cotton Belt (SSW) 2489 retired 2009 [Source]
1501 in Yard
Former Cotton Belt SW1500 2489 is in Modesto, CA working for the M&ET as M&ET 1501 on July 30, 2008.
  • Photo of 1501
    Nikon F5, Scan 2008080403.8
  • Photo of 1501 in yard
    Nikon F5, Scan 2008080403.9

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