Modesto and Empire Traction

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The 70-tonners may be gone. But, even if only because the owners take pride in running a railroad, the M&ET remains a blast from the past.

Some of these photos are from my 35mm and 6x7 black and white (bw) film cameras, some are color digitals, some are scanned slides and medium format transparencies.

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Modesto and Empire Traction Company


Locomotives in the 2000 series; Action and Roster

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M&ET 2000 class, Railpower RP20DBs

M&ET 2000 Railpower RP20DB

2000 is an RP20BD built by Railpower in 2008 it is ex Railpower GG20B #2404 (RP blt 2004), ex Midsouth GP10 #1060, ex Illinois Central GP10 #8247 (IC blt 1971 ), ex IC GP9 #9247, ex Illinois Central Gulf #9247, nee Gulf & Mississippi #9247 (EMD blt 1957, s/n #22312, f/n #5480-40) [Source]
2000 on May 7, 2010
M&ET's Railpower RP20DB 2000 at the McClure shops on May 7, 2010.
2000 on on Feb. 3, 2012
M&ET's Railpower RP20DB 2000, at Lindley and Lapham in Empire, CA at 5:25 pm on Feb. 3, 2012.

M&ET 2003 Railpower RP20DB

2003 on on Feb. 3, 2012
M&ET's Railpower RP20DB 2003 M&ET 2003 a Railpower RP20DB, rounds the curve into Gallo on Santa Rosa Ave. in Modesto, CA at 4 pm on Feb. 3, 2012.

Railpower Locomotives on M&ET

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