Lloyd D. Sloan

Lloyd D. Sloan on train

"And the sons of Pullman porters
And the sons of engineers
Ride their father's magic carpets made of steel."

Steve Goodman must have been a child of a railroad man. Goodman's song, The City of New Orleans, captures what it feels like being the child of a railroad man so concisely in these three stanzas.

I am the son of an engineer. This is a picture I took of him at work in the early 70's. Everything about him was so unbelievably bigger than life. The biggest thing about him was his personality.

I dream about him very often. To me, he was the train. He was steel.

Photos of Lloyd D. Sloan

Click on these links to see photos of my dad:

My dad and SP 1206 Alco S6
My dad, Southern Pacific Western Division Engineer Lloyd D. Sloan, poses at the throttle of SP Alco S6 1206 at Port Chicago, CA in August, 1972. I was 16 when I took this photo on Wards Film. It had color shifted terribly and I thought the image was lost. Thank You Photoshop!
Analog Image, Ward's Film Slide 5.125, Scan 2010092601_001
My dad and SP 8607 GE U33C
My dad at the throttle, July 15, 1974, Oakland, CA. Image: 2008071401_001

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