Medina Railroad Museum

NYC 4080
New York Central E8A 4080, sits at the Medina RR Museum with sister 4068 on Friday, October 7, 2011.
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I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. The BNSF has come to dominate Northwest Railroading in the 21st century.

Medina Railroad Museum

Located in the old New York Central freight depot in Medina, NY, the Medina RR Museum is one of the largest freight depot museums in the country. The building itself was built in 1905-06, and is one of the largest (301ft. by 34ft.), last surviving wooden freight depots in the United States. Their air-conditioned building features the largest collection of such artifacts and memorabilia known to exist under one roof.

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RPCX NYC 4080 is an EMD E8A. Reportedly: it was built in 1953 as NYC 4080. PC renumbered to 4325 when cab signals were added. Assigned to NY&LB under PC/Conrail and NJDOT. ICG Paducah changed the number when rebuilt there in late 70’s. Reporting marks and numbers said to be associated with this locomotive include: NYC 4080, NJT 4285, RPCX 4080, PC4325, NJDOT 4325.

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