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Thursday, December 28, 1972

Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1972 : Dec. 28, 1972

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Photos taken, or thought to be taken, in Oakland on this day in 1972.

Oakland, CA

West Oakland

SP Homestead Yard

SP 1279 Alco S6

1279 in Oakland
Southern Pacific Alco S6 1279 is one of the Southern Pacific S6's equipped for MU operation. Location unrecorded but "Railbaron" said, "looks like the "Tie UP Track" at Homestead Yard (east end of West Oakland Yard) at Adeline Street." In Oakland, CA, December 28, 1972.
  • Photo of SP 1279
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.205, Scan 2010092601.7

SP 1825 Alco S4

1825 in West Oakland
Southern Pacific Alco S4 1825 is in West Oakland on December 28, 1972.

SP 1845 Alco S4

1845 at Adeline St.
Southern Pacific Alco S4 1845 under Adeline Street in Oakland, CA on December 28, 1972.

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