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Unknown Date in 1977, by location

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Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1977 : Unknown date

Photos taken, or thought to be taken, in 1977. Specific Date Unknown.



Crockett, CA

SP 2682 EMD SW1500, SP Class ES415-6

SP 2682 on Crockett Rocket
Southern Pacific (SP) SW1500 2682 is the sole power on the Crocket Rocket, heading west near Crocket, CA on an unrecorded day in May 1977.

San Francisco

7th and Townsend

SP Depot

SP 3004 EMD GP9, SP Class EP418-3

SP 3004 EMD GP9 on commute
Southern Pacific torpedo boat GP9 3004 leads commute 151 past a string of trolly coaches on flat cars (TCOFC) along Seventh Street, San Francisco on an unknown date in August 1977. The coaches are Marmon-Herrinton class TC-48 and TC-44s from the early '50s. According to "Jack," the busses were "sold to Mexico City."


Roseville Yard


SP 3352 & 4113 EMD GP9 & GP20

SP 3352 in Roseville
Southern Pacific GP9R 3352 and GP20R SP 4113 perform hump duties at Roseville on an unrecorded date in August of 1977. As I recall it was unusual to see these types of engines in this type of service. According to WAF, "1977 saw lots of unusual hump power combinations." John "Lone Star" said, "As I recall, 3352 started out as a boiler-equipped, dual controlled T&NO unit. It was reunumbered in 1965 to 3421, lost its dual controls but wore bloody nose wings on both ends until someone realized the boo-boo. When rebuilt in 1971-72, it became 3352."

SP 4320 EMD SD9R, SP Class EF618E-1

SP 4320 in Roseville
The west end of Roseville Yard is Antelope, CA and that is where Southern Pacific SD9R 4320 is leading another SD9E, a U33C and a third SD9E on an unknown date in August 1977.

SP 5017 EMD GP30, SP Class EF423-1

SP 5017 in Roseville in 1977
Southern Pacific GP30 5017 sits in Roseville on an unknown date in August 1977.

SP 6560 EMD GP35, SP Class EF425-1

SP 6560 in Roseville in 1977
Southern Pacific GP35 6560 sitting in the Roseville power pool on an unknown date in August 1977.

SSW 7605 EMD GP40, SP Class EF430C-1

SSW 7605 in Roseville
Relatively rare bought new Southern Pacific subsidiary Cotton Belt's GP40 7605 in Roseville. Notice in August 1977 it has two types of radiator fans!

SP 7926 GE U30C, SP Class GF630-1

7926 at Antelope
Southern Pacific U30C 7926 shows off two types of trucks at Antelope, CA on an unrecorded date in August 1977.



SP Yard

SP Depot

SP 3100 ALCo RSD15 DL600B, SP Class AS624-1

SP 3100 in Jan 1977
Southern Pacific 3100 DL600B resting in Eugene, OR Specific Date Unknown - Jan 1977

SP 3102 ALCo RSD15 DL600B, SP Class AS624-1

SP 3102 in 1977
Southern Pacific Gator 3102 near the SP hump yard in Eugene, Oregon, USA Specific Date Unknown - Jan 1977
  • Photo of SP 3102
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.682, Scan 2008011301.11

SP 3117 Alco C628, SP Class AS628-1

Ex-Demo, SP 3117 in Eugene
Southern Pacific C628 3117 and an SD45 sit next to an SD9 and GE 70 tonner 5100 in Eugene, Oregon in January 1977. The 3117 is a former Alco C628 demonstrator.
  • Photo of SP 3117 C628 overall shot
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.701, Scan 2010111301.21
  • Photo of SP 3117 closer view
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.699, Scan 2010111301.22

SP 3120 Alco C628, SP Class AS628-1

SP 3121
Southern Pacific C628 3121 switches in Eugene, Oregon in January 1977.
  • Photo of SP 3121
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.707, Scan 2010111301.24

SP 5100 GE 70 Ton, SP Class GS407-1

SP 5100 in Eugene
On an unrecorded date in January 1977 Southern Pacific 5100, a 70 Tonner GE, is sitting on the whiskers of the roundhouse in Eugene, OR.

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