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Sunday April 30, 2006

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Lovely morning light in Mojave for a patched SP SD40M-3 and a UP SD60M switching out cars as well as eastbound stack train action. Later in the day I went through the town of Tehachapi and worked my way to Tunnel Two.

Tehachapi mountains

Mojave, CA

UP 2775, UP Designation SD40-2

UP 2775 at Mojave, CA
UP 2775, former SP SD40M-2 8699, and SD60M 2348 switch at Mojave, CA on Sunday April 30, 2006.

BNSF 7726, BNSF Designation ES44DC

BNSF 7726 at Bealville
Year old BNSF 7726 leading a coiled steel train at Bealville, CA on Saturday April 29, 2006 in the Tehachapi mountains.

Caliente, CA

BNSF 5461, BNSF Designation C44-9W

BNSF 5461
BNSF 5461 Leading an international consist on Saturday April 29, 2006 at Caliente, CA in the Tehachapi mountains.

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