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Sunday, June 10, 2007

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On this Sunday I arrived in LaGrande, OR where I was staying with Ed and Leslie. Leslie and I went out both west and east chasing the UP in the Blue Mountains in stormy weather.


Blue Mountains

Kamela, OR

UP 5491 west meeting 4567 east

We first headed west to Kamela, where we caught a meet at the summit of the Blue Mountains. Then we followed the eastbound stack train east.

UP 5491 in the Blue Mountains
Union Pacific GEVO GE ES44AC "AC45CCTE" 5491 leads C44-9W 9568 (former SP 8104) on a westbound stack train where it met an eastbound led by UP 4567 EMD SD70m in the Blue Mountains at Kamela, Oregon (mp 271) on Sunday June 10, 2007.

Sago, OR

UP 4567 east meeting 5626 west

The eastbound stack train went into the siding at Sago for another westbound. After a manifest went by, the stack train continued east.

4567 at Sago
Union Pacific 4567 leads five units including the 4797, 8544 and 4528 at Sago, Oregon (mp 315) on June 10, 2007.
UP 4567 meets the 5626
Union Pacific 4567 leads an eastbound stack train meeting a westbound manifest led by 5626, 3212 and 4213at Sago, Oregon on June 10, 2007. Union Pacific 5631 shoves hard on the back.
  • Photo of UP 5626
    Nikon D2Hs Digital Image: 2007061001ph.56
  • Photo of UP 5631
    Nikon D2Hs Digital Image: 2007061001ph.63
UP 4567 heading east
Union Pacific 4567 is one of five units, including the 4797, 8544 and 4528, leading a stack train east of Sago along the Antelope Creek valley towards North Powder, Oregon on June 10, 2007. This is east of LaGrande, OR.
  • Photo of train coming
    Nikon D2Hs Digital Image: 2007061001ph.66
  • Photo of train going
    Nikon D2Hs Digital Image: 2007061001ph.71

Oregon Sunset

Sunset east of Sago
Sunset east of Sago along Antelope Creek towards North Powder, Oregon (east of LaGrande) on June 10, 2007.
  • Photo of Sunset
    Nikon D2Hs Digital Image: 2007061001ph.81

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