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Sunday, March 28, 2010

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A nice spring day in Niles Canyon.

Sunol, CA

Various, Brightside & Sunol

Niles Canyon

SP 9010 Kraus-Maffei ML-4000C, SP Class DF-802

SP 9010 on on March 28, 2010
Pacific Locomotive Association's Southern Pacific Krauss-Maffei ML-4000 (63-unit) 9010 at Niles Canyon Railway's Brightside Yard shop on March 28, 2010.
WP 918-D EMD F7A, A.K.A. WP 918
Western Pacific 918-D is an EMD F7, owned by the Pacific Locomotive Association, serial number 8973, built on January 27, 1950. She is powered by a 16 cylinder EMD engine and has 1500 horsepower. 918 is one of 48 F7's ordered by WP (24 "A" units and 24 "B" units). 913 - 921 were built in 1950 while the 922 - 924 four unit A-B-B-A sets were built a year later. 918-D met her end on the Western Pacific on March 30, 1981. [Read More]
WP F-unit 918D subs for an ailing SP P8 2472 on March 28, 2010. The first shot shows the train heading to Sunol to pick up passenger for the 1 p.m. run. Happy passengers offer a toast to the photographer from the rear platform of the business car Oakland, in this related photo that includes the SP 5472 (an EMD SD9.) The next photo is of the unit sitting at Sunol as the train loads. The last shot shows the 918D appearing as though it is a DPU as the train heads west. The F-unit's orange nose looked great amongst the poppys. The SP Pacific 2472 was picked up again before the train ran back down the canyon to Niles.

"SP" 1487 (Replica) FM H-12-44

Replica SP FM
Golden Gate Railroad Museum's former U.S. Army H-12-44 1847 has been painted to replicate Southern Pacific 1487. Wellsville, Addison and Galeton Railroad (WAG) 46, former SP F7A 6378 is next to it. Photo is at Niles Canyon Railway's Brightside Yard, 2 miles west of Sunol, CA on March 28, 2010.
  • Photo of 1487
    Nikon D300s Digital Image 2010032801.116
  • Photo of 1487 Closer
    Nikon D300s Digital Image 2010032801.120

SP 2472 Baldwin Pacific (4-6-2), SP Class P8

SP 2472 at Estates Crossing
On Sunday, March 28, 2010, Golden Gate Railroad Museum's Southern Pacific 4-6-2 Class P8 Pacific 2472 is being towed backwards by Pacific Locomotive Association's SP SD-9 5472 which is on the west end of the train. The location is called Estates Crossing which is just west of Niles Canyon Railway's Brightside Yard. Though it looks like the 2472 is a manned rear end DPU, it is not!
  • Photo of SP 2472
    Nikon D300s Digital Images 2010032801.98
  • Photo of 2472 further away
    Nikon D300s Digital Images 2010032801.103

SP 5472 EMD SD9, SP Class DF-125

According to good sources, including Strapac's fantastic SP Compendium series, SP 5472 was built in March 1956 by EMD as a model GP9, builders number 21297, SP 5472 EMD SD9, SP Class DF-125. In 1965 it was renumbered to SP 3946 SP Class EF618-5.
This locomotive was upgraded in Nay 1977 emerging as SP 4423, SD9R SP Class EF618R-1.
The disposition of this locomotive is, the 4423 was sold to Omnitrax in the summer of 1993, along with about 100 other units. It became NWP 4423, purchased by Howard Wise of the Oakland Terminal Railway. According to their website, "The Pacific Locomotive Association contracted to get this locomotive just one day before it was to be scrapped."
SP 5472 in Niles Canyon
Happy passengers offer a toast to the photographer from the rear platform of the Southern Pacific business car Oakland, on Sunday March 28, 2010.

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