May 19, 2013


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Sunday was a short day for chasing trains. I had spent the night before in Mojave and a lot of trains went through town. I shot around Mojave. I had planned to go to Allard, but when I arrived in Bealville I saw they were doing track work even on Sunday. Plus I saw a pile of trains on the way. I thought most of them were eastbounds, so I went back to Cable to catch what I thought would be four trains. It turned out only two of those were eastbounds. So, that was it. About noon I headed home.


Motel 6

6:07 a

EB (NB) BNSF YANZ (Yet another Z train) - 7461, 7308, 4677, 716wb - D600

6:26 a

EB (NB) UP 5195, 4201


7:13 a

Power string - 2283, 2491, 2376, 2259, 2253 - D600, F100 (Astia & Kodak EB), F5 FP4+

Yard (East End)

7:34 a

UP 2463


End of Double Track

9:34 a

UP EB (NB) YANZ - 3805, 8767, 7842 - D600 & D300s

10:13 a

BNSF EB (NB) YANZ - 7532, 5005, 6903, 7218


Highway 58

1:00 p

Deja Vu Sign - D600

Special Thanks

All the great folks who helped me out with information for these Web pages!

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