California State Railroad Museum (CSRM)

Sierra 28
Railtown's Sierra Railway 1922 Baldwin 2-8-0 SRYC 28 under steam in the rain at Jamestown in 1978.

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California State Railroad Museum (CSRM)

The California State Railroad Museum is a museum in the state park system of California, United States, interpreting the role of the "iron horse" in connecting California to the rest of the nation. It is located in Old Sacramento State Historic Park at 111 I Street, Sacramento. In 1992, Railtown 1897 in Jamestown, CA began operating under the museum.


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California State Railroad Museum (CSRM), Sacramento, CA

ATSF 2925, Baldwin 2900 Class 4-8-4

ATSF 2925 is a 2900 Class 4-8-4. Reportedly: ATSF 2925 was built by Baldwin in 1943 builder number 69813. This locomotive was preserved as part of the Santa Fe historical collection. The Santa Fe historical collection was donated to the CSRM in Sacramento and and moved there in a special train in 1986.
ATSF 2925 in Sacramento
California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento (CSRM) owned former Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe (ATSF) 4-8-4 2925 outside the CSRM in Sacramento, CA on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

SP 4294, Baldwin 4-8-8-2, SP Class AC-12

SP 4294 is a 4-8-8-2, SP Class AC-12. Reportedly: SP 4-8-8-2 4294 was built in 1944 by Baldwin builder's number 70101. This locomotive was retired in 1956. It is owned by the city of Sacramento and is on static display in the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, CA.
SP 4294 at the CSRM
City of Sacramento owned Southern Pacific (SP) AC-12 4294 in the California State Railroad Museum (CSRM) in Sacramento on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

SPMW Rolling Stock

SPMW 205, ALCo Rotary Snow Plow

SPMW 205 is an ALCo Rotary Snow Plow. Reportedly: SPMW 205 was built by American Locomotive Co. (ALCo) at it's Brooks Works as a steam powered snow plow, SP 715. It was converted to electric in 1958. In 2008 it was donated to the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento (CSRM).
SPMW 205 at the CSRM
California State Railroad Museum (CSRM) owned rotary snow plow Southern Pacific SPMW 205 is at the CSRM in Sacramento, CA on Saturday, May 20, 2023.

WP 913 EMD F7A, Class D-239

According to good sources, including Joseph Strapac's Diesel Locomotives of the Western Pacific, WP 913-A was reportedly built in 1950 by EMD as a model F7A, builders number 8976, WP 920-A, class D-239. It became WP 913-A in 1971, renumbered 913 in 1975, overhauled by MK in 1978 and donated in 1981 to the California State Railroad Museum.

According to TrainWeb: 913 was the most famous F-unit of the "Final Four" during their last 4 years in service. She was selected as the only one of the 4 to be painted in WP's orange and silver paint scheme that they did away with during the early 70's.

913 was built on 1/27/1950 (SN 8976) as 920-A. In 1971 she swapped numbers with the original 913-A. That same year she recieved the former SP plow pilot from the recently scrapped 921-A.

In 1975, as with all F-units left on the roster, the alpha suffixes were dropped.

In 1977 913 and 921 were shipped to Morrison-Knudsen in Boise Idaho for major work. 913 and 921 swapped prime movers since 921 had the better of the two. After arriving home in February 1978, she was immediately repainted in a modified freight/passenger orange and silver paint job that made her the most photographed F of the four. 913 and her 3 sisters ran, usually pulling the San Jose Turn from Milpitas to Stockton for the next 3 years until Union Pacific bought WP and everything changed.

WP 913 and 918 were retired roughly the same time in 1981, leaving 917 and 921 to carry on for almost another year. WP donated 913 to the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, Ca. as a surprise gift that year, where she is currently on display (and is run on occasion).
WP 913 at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park (SRYC), Jamestown, CA

Railtown's Sierra Railway reporting marks are SRYC

Jamestown, CA

Sierra 28, Baldwin 2-8-0

Reportedly Sierra 28 was built by Baldwin in 1922, serial number 55254. Reportedly, in February 2009, the 28 was taken out of service after its crown sheet and other parts of the firebox were found to be too thin for legal operation. 28 sat stored in public view in the Jamestown roundhouse awaiting funds until August 2013 when it was torn down for repairs to its firebox along with new flues and Staybolts. After being out of service for a 5-year restoration, the 28 returned to operation on June 1, 2019. The 28 is owned by the California State Railroad Museum (CSRM) and is at the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park.
Sierra 28 in Jamestown. CA
California State Railroad Museum's (CSRM), Railtown 1897 State Historic Park (SRYC), Sierra 1922 Baldwin 2-8-0 number 28 under steam, in the rain, at Jamestown in on an unrecorded date in 1978.

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