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Am P30CH 707 in South San Francisco

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Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1978 : Various dates

Fresno, CA

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Roseville, CA

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Sacramento, CA Area

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San Francisco, CA Area

South San Francisco and San Francisco, CA.

South San Francisco

AMTK 702 GE P30CH "Pooch"

Pooch Commute Photo History
From July 1978 to April 1979 the Southern Pacific leased Amtrak P30CH "pooch" engines 700 to 708, 711, 712, 714, 716, 720 and 724 from Amtrak for use on SP's commute trains between San Francisco and San Jose. The SP was power short at the time and wanted to use its own units in freight service. These photos were apparently made in the summer of 1978 (date not recorded) in South San Francisco.

Even though I was there, I took the photos, I had forgotten I had these until about the end of Feb. 2010. I was going through my negatives and found these on a long forgotten roll of Tri-X.


Ampooch approaches
Amtrak 705 approaches, then stops to load passengers in South San Francisco in 1978. 35mm Tri-X film.


Pooch highballs an express
Amtrak 706 highballs an express through South San Francisco in 1978. 35mm Tri-X film.


Pooch on a commute
Amtrak 707 approaching South San Francisco on a commute. 35mm Tri-X film.


Pooch on a commute
Amtrak 712 approaching South San Francisco on a commute on an unrecorded day in 1978 35mm Tri-X film.


Last pooch on a commute
The last pooch. Amtrak 724 highballs an express through South San Francisco on an unrecorded day in 1978. 35mm Tri-X film. Matthew Vurek said, "I think that caboose (seen in the photo) was used on the local that worked the San Bruno Branch. Last run to the end of the line in Daly City was in 1978 (month and day unknown)."

Jamestown, CA

Sierra 28, Baldwin 2-8-0

Sierra 28 in Jamestown. CA
California State Railroad Museum's (CSRM), Railtown 1897 State Historic Park, Sierra 1922 Baldwin 2-8-0 number 28 under steam in the rain at Jamestown, CA on an unrecorded date in 1978.

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