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SP 2278 pulling Royal Hudson

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I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. The Southern Pacific railroad will always be my favorite railroad!

SP and its subsidiaries

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SSW 2259 EMD SW1200, SP Class ES412C-4

Reportedly built in December 1964, shipped as SSW 1071. Retired December 1993. Aug. 1995 sold to Omni-Trax 2259, became Inland Steel Corp number unknown
2259 in Pine Bluff
My dad took this photo of Southern Pacific subsidiary Cotton Belt SW1200 SSW 2259 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas on an unknown date in 1974 when he and my mom visited one of my brothers and his family in Arkansas.
  • Photo of SSW 2259
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.367, Scan 2010101401.3

SP 2267 EMD SW1200, SP Class ES412-4

Reportedly 2267 was built in Feb. 1965 as SP 1600, a number it soon lost, and it was retired in January 1985. In October 1985 it was sold to Shell Oil as 27800 in Deer Park, Texas.
2267 in San Jose
Southern Pacific SW1200 2267 is in San Jose, California on an unknown date in February 1975.
  • Photo of SP 2267
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.370, Scan 2010101401.2

SP 2273 EMD SW1200, SP Class ES412-5

Reportedly SP 2273 was built as SP 1608 in June 1965. It was retired on Mar. 31, 1986 and sold on July 12, 1987 to Willamette Valley, 201. In Oct. 1993 it became Tulsa Port of Catoosa 022.
2273 in Ozol
Southern Pacific 2273, an SW1200, at the Ozol Yard in Martienez, CA on January 27, 1974.
Note: This photo was taken on GAF 64 film which was cheap and not too bad when you developed it yourself. The problem was GAF's own processing was terrible and the film got a bad reputation and was discontinued. I developed my own Ektachrome (E3 and E4) and GAF at this time in my life.
The GAF process (According to AgX on apug, Processes were AR-1 and AR-2, according to Ian Grant, "they were once Agfa Ansco until the company was stolen by the US government.") was similar to Ektachrome Process E3. As I remember it required a light, not a chemical, re-exposure step. I do not remember what the GAF process was called.
  • Photo of SP 2273
    Analog Image, GAF 64 Slide 5.374, Scan 2010101401.1

SP 2281 EMD SW1200, SP Class ES412-5

Reportedly SP 2281 was delivered July 1965 as SP 1616 and quickly renumbered to 2281. It was retired from SP service in December 1986. In December 1987 it was sold to Southwest Railway Car Parts of Venus, Texas. The next month it went to Chaparral Steel Company in Texas as their 2281.
2281 with Royal Hudson
On Wednesday March 23, 1977 the Southern Pacific's SW1200 2281 helped the Royal Hudson move around the West Oakland, California yard. It is captured here near Tenth Street and Oakland's Desert Yard. Note the beet gons in the Desert Yard.
  • Photo of 2281 coming
    Analog Images, Ektachrome Slide 5.383, Scan 2010101501.10
  • Photo of 2281 going
    Analog Images, Ektachrome Slide 5.384, Scan 2010101501.11

SP 2308 EMD SW9E, SP Class ES412E-2

Reportedly SP 2308 was built in April 1953 as SW9 SP (T&NO) 112 order number 4075-05 Const. number 12869. In 1965 it was renumbered 2212, SP Class ES412-1. It was upgraded in Houston in January 1974. It was retired in December 1986 and at the end of October 1987 it was sold to Precision National and in 1991 it was leased to Evan's Milling in Indianapolis. This company became Illinois Cereal Mills, Evans Division and it became Cargill 2308. It has apparently become Illinois Cereal Mills (ICMX) 2308 and was still active as of 2010.
SP 2308 at work
Dave Hardie took this photo of 2308 an SW9E on an unknown day in Feb of 1975. I do not have the location on the slide. This photo was shared with permission of the photographer. Dave retains all rights to use of this image.
  • Photo of SP 2308
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.386, Scan 2010101501.9

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