On an unrecorded date between 1972 and 1976 (estimated as 1975) Amtrak FP7 123 is keeping company with UP 3148 and Amtrak 110 at the SP West Oakland Diesel Shop. Speed Graphic 4x5, 135mm, Tri-X

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Unknown date (by location)

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Various photos, taken or thought to be taken in 1975, by location. Precise date not known. Click on the following "Photo of" links to see pictures related to 1975.

Benicia, CA


SP 3204 EMD SDP-45, SP Class EP636-1

SP 3204 at Bahia
Southern Pacific (SP) 3204 on the point of a westbound at Bahia (near Benicia CA) in 1975. WAF said, "The photo was typical power on Oakland bound trains in the 70s on Sunday afternoons. On Sundays SDP45s would be returning from Donner helper service and road service to Sparks. They would be back to San Jose that evening or early Monday morning. SDP45s used on UPSFF/UPSFT/OASFY trains to the City would work back to SJ on the late Sunday evening commutes."

Kansas City, KS

CRIP 4491, EMD, GP7R

CRIP 4491 GP7R in Kansas City
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad (CRIP) "Rock Island" GP7R, Paducah rebuild, 4491 is resting in Kansas City, KS on an unrecorded date in or around 1975. The photographer of this photo is likely Bob Black.
  • Unknown 120 film camera, Ektachrome Transparencies, Medium Format: Transparency, Hand Scan 2020.

Oakland, CA

West Oakland

SP West Oakland Diesel Shop


AM 123 in Oakland
On an unrecorded date between 1972 and 1976 (estimated as 1975) Amtrak FP7 123 is keeping company with UP 3148 and Amtrak 110 at the SP West Oakland Diesel Shop. Speed Graphic 4x5, 135mm, Tri-X

East Oakland SP Yard

SP 1102 EMD TR6A

Cow in East Oakland
Southern Pacific TR6A "cow" 1102 is in East Oakland, CA in Feb. 1975.
  • Photo of SP 1102
    Kodachrome Slide 5.72, Scan 2010101001.4
  • Photo of Rear end detail
    Kodachrome Slide 5.75, Scan 2010101001.5

SP 1127 EMD SW8

SP 1127 in East Oakland
Southern Pacific SW8 1127 is in East Oakland in February 1975.
  • Photo of 1127
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.96, Scan 2010100601.6

Pittsburg, CA

U.S. Steel Plant

USSX 16 Baldwin S-12
United States Steel Baldwin 16 works at the Pittsburg Plant in 1975.

Roseville, CA

SP 9500 EMD SD45X, SP Class EF642-1

SP 9500 in Roseville, CA
On an unrecorded date in April 1975 Southern Pacific SD45X 9500 is shown on the east end of the yard in Roseville, CA

Sacramento, CA

WP 668 Western Pacific Composite Bay Window Caboose

According to a Mike Mucklin:

Western Pacific didn't assign classes to their cabooses like UP (CA class) or Santa Fe (Ce class) so I generally refer to them by the first number in the group as being the "class car".
All of the outside braced cupola and bay window cars were built by WP in Sacramento from retired 1916 era Pullman box cars. The first 12 cars were cupola style cars (nicknamed "Canyon Cabooses" for their recessed ends that provided some protection for crews in inclement weather) in 1937. There was a total of 28 cupola style OB cabooses built before WP built the first bay window style car in 1942. A total of 48 of these bay window box car rebuilds were constructed between 1942 and 1945 when the program ended. The 668 in your shot was the last of the 25 cars built in 1943 and the 658 was in the same group.

This caboose is now private property of Katy Dickinson and John Plocher in San Jose, CA. It was previously at the Golden Gate Railroad Museum, San Francisco.
It has a related Website here.

668 in Sacramento
Outside braced Wooden WP Caboose 668 sits at Sacramento, CA in June of 1975.
  • Photo of caboose 668
    Slide 5.2885, Scan 2008031701.1v3

San Francisco Area

Bayshore, Yd.

SP 1119 EMD SW8

SW8 at Bayshore
In February 1975 Southern Pacific EMD SW8 1119 is at the Bayshore (San Francisco) Roundhouse.

SP 1442 EMD SD7

1442 at Bayshore
Southern Pacific SD7 1442 at the Bayshore Roundhouse in San Francisco, CA in February 1975.

SP 2692 EMD MP15DC, SP Class ES415-7

SP 2692 at Bayshore
Southern Pacific MP15DC 2692 sits at Bayshore Roundhouse, San Francisco, CA in February, 1975.

SP 2696 EMD MP15DC, SP Class ES415-7

2696 at Bayshore
Almost brand new Southern Pacific MP15DC 2696 at Bayshore Roundhouse, on an unrecorded date in February 1975.

Mission Bay Yd.

SP 2358 FM H-12-44, SP Class FS412-2

2358 in Mission Bay Yd.
Southern Pacific 2358 in Mission Bay Yard in San Francisco on an unknown date in 1974.

Third and Towsend

SP 3010 EMD GP9, SP Class EP418-5

SP 3010 in San Francisco
Southern Pacific Passenger GP9 3010 departing Third and Townsend Station, San Francisco, CA with train 118 on an unknown date in February, 1975.

San Jose, CA


SP 2267 EMD SW1200, SP Class ES412-4

2267 in San Jose
Southern Pacific SW1200 2267 is in San Jose, California on an unknown date in February 1975.

SP 3005 EMD GP9, SP Class EP418-3

SP 3005 in San Jose
On an unknown date in February 1975 Southern Pacific Torpedo Boat Passenger GP9 3005 is coupled up to a Train Master at Lenzen Street, San Jose, CA.

Tracy, CA

SP, Yd.

SP 1204 Alco S6

According to Ken Rattenne "The unit became Berry Feed & Seed then AL Gilbert 1204. The unit was remote controlled and in 2001 or 2002 there was a serious mishap and the unit was sold for scrap in late 2002."
1204 in Tracy
Southern Pacific 1204, an Alco S6 at Tracy, CA on an unknown date in 1975.

SP 3382 EMD GP9R, SP Class EF418E-2

SP 3382 in Tracy
Southern Pacific GP9R 3382 in Tracy, California on an unrecorded date in March 1975.

SP 3600 EMD GP9, SP Class EF418-7

SP 3600 in Tracy
A classic Southern Pacific GP9, 3600 is in Tracy CA in 1975.

Watsonville, CA

Watsonville, Jct.

SP 2691 EMD MP15DC, SP Class ES415-7

SP 2691 in Watsonville
Southern Pacific MP15DC 2691 in Watsonville Junction, California, on an unrecorded date in February 1975.

Unknown Location

SP 2308 EMD SW9E, SP Class ES412E-2

SP 2308 at work
Dave Hardie took this photo of Southern Pacific SW9E 2308 in Feb of 1975. I do not have the location on the slide. This photo was shared with permission of the photographer. Dave retains all rights to use of this image.

SP 2967 ALCo RSD12, SP Class AS618-1

SP 2967 and 3143
Southern Pacific RSD12 2967 and C630 3143 work together in a location not recorded in this Kodachrome by Dave Hardie, posted here with permission, taken on an unrecorded date in Feb. 1975.

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