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Railfan notes from 1975

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Day Outings

February 10, 1975, Monday - San Jose
A day in San Jose

A trip South

March 14, 1975 - I was in Bakersfield
On this day I was in Bakersfield.

Day Outings

March 26, 1975 - A day in Roseville
I went to Roseville.
April 7, 1975 - I was in Sacramento
On this day I was in Sacramento. I was about to head home after meeting Candy DuBois the girl who would five months later become my first wife.
Oakland, CA - May 18, 1975, Sunday
On Sunday May 18, 1975 Cotton Belt's 9389 did it's maiden run into Oakland on the WCOAF.
Oakland, CA - June 25, 1975, Monday
Action in West Oakland in the Summer of 1975. Including SP SD9 3800.

Trip to Cajon Pass

This is a trip my first wife Candy and I made to southern California, less than a month before we married.

August 11, 1975, Monday
We were on Cajon Pass on this day. This may be the day I broke the shock mountings on my 1970 Nova driving it like it was a jeep!

Day Outings

Sep. 23, 1975, Tuesday - Day in Oakland
In Oakland a few weeks after I got married the first time. Oakland FM being scrapped.
October 12, 1975, Sunday - Another Day in Oakland
On October 12, 1975 I went to Oakland again.

Trip to Southern California

This trip included the ATSF and Trona Railway.

October 20, 1975, Monday
On October 20, 1975 I made one of my many trips to Southern California to shoot the Santa Fe and Union Pacific in the desert. SD45-2's were top of the line power then and were being used extensively.
October 21, 1975, Tuesday
On October 21, 1975 I made a trip to Trona and shot what was there.

Day Outings

Trips of a day or less

Sparks, NV - November 24, 1975, Monday
I shot 4449 at night on this date.

Unknown Dates, 1975 - Date Uncertain, By Location

Unknown Month or Day
1975, Unknown Month or Day, by location.

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