SP 2363 on Townsend St, San Francisco

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Railfan notes from 1974

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Various photos from 1974

Trips and dates

Day Outings

These are trips that lasted a day or less.

Benicia, CA - Sunday, Jan 27, 1974
A morning in Benicia.

Winter Trip to Donner

In mid February 1974 I took a winter trip to Donner Pass with Dave Hardie. It was the only time I spent time in Norden when the under show city was still there and SP was in the business of running trains over the hill.

Norden, CA - Saturday, Feb 16, 1974
A day at Norden.

Day Outings

These are trips that lasted a day or less.

Oakland, CA - Saturday, June 8, 1974
SP Alco RS32 4008 was hard at work in Oakland yard.
Oakland, CA - Monday, June 10, 1974
Night Photos - SP Alco RS32 4008 waiting for work in Oakland yard.
San Francisco, CA - Tuesday, June 11, 1974
A day in San Francisco.
San Francisco, CA - Wednesday, June 12, 1974
Another day in San Francisco.

Northwest Trip, June 1974

A trip north on my own while my parents went to Europe.

Eugene, OR - Friday, June 21, 1974
Eugene, OR
Vancouver, WA - Monday, June 24, 1974
Vancouver, WA

Day Outings

These are trips that lasted a day or less.

Roseville, CA - Monday, July 8, 1974
A day in Roseville
San Francisco - Thursday, July 11, 1974
Bayshore yard in San Francisco in the days of FMs and ALCos.
Suisun, CA - Monday, July 14, 1974
Photos taken, or thought to be taken, on July 14 1974 in the Suisun area.
Oakland and San Francisco - Monday, July 15, 1974
My dad at the controls of SP 8607 in Oakland. Plus various photos taken in the San Francisco area.
San Francisco, CA - Monday, July 29, 1974
Another day in San Francisco. Various photos taken, or thought to be taken, on July 29, 1974 in the San Francisco area.
Roseville - Tuesday, Aug 6, 1974
Another day in Roseville, CA
Oakland, CA - Thursday, Aug 8, 1974
A day in the bay area
Suisun, CA - Monday, Aug. 12, 1974
A day in Suisun, CA
Oroville, CA - Tuesday, Aug. 20, 1974
A day in Oroville, CA
Sacramento Valley - Thursday, September 5, 1974
One year to the day before I married for the first time. The Preamble Express to Sacramento, CA ran on this day.
Roseville, CA - Sunday, September 8, 1974
Yet another day in Roseville
San Francisco - Thursday, September 12, 1974
Another day in San Francisco
West Colton - Friday, September 13, 1974
Photo taken by D.V. Jewell in West Colton
Roseville, CA - Sunday, September 29, 1974
Photos taken, or thought to be taken, on this date in Roseville - Sacramento.
Oakland, CA - Friday, October 4, 1974
Another day in the bay area.
Tracy & Stockton, CA - Friday, October 6, 1974
A day in the valley
Tracy & Stockton, CA - Wednesday, October 9, 1974
Another day in the valley
Oakland, CA - Friday, October 11, 1974
Yet, another day in the bay area
San Jose - Sunday, October 13, 1974
A day in San Jose
Oakland - Wednesday, October 16, 1974
Yup, another day in the bay area

Trip South, Late October 1974

BAK/TF, Cajon and the LA Basin

Cajon Pass & Barstow - Sunday, October 20, 1974
Cajon Pass Freight Action
Barstow, Trona and BAK/TF - Monday, October 21, 1974
BAK/TF Freight Action
San Bernardino, CA - Tuesday, October 22, 1974
LA Basin.

San Francisco Again

Friday, November 8, 1974
At the passenger station.

Tracy & Watsonville, CA

Sunday, November 10, 1974
Tracy and Watsonville.

Tracy, CA

Monday, November 11, 1974

Southern California Trip

Saturday, November 16, 1974
Colton, CA
Sunday, November 17, 1974
Colton, CA

Various, 1974

Precise date not known.

Various photos, taken or thought to be taken in 1974, by location. Precise date not known.

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