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Railfan notes from 1973

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In 1973 I was a high school senior, graduating in June 1973. I started Junior College that Fall.

Trips and dates

Day Outings

Day trips or less at the start of 1973.

Evening in Martinez - Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1973
Ozol yard night trains - Photos taken on an evening at work with my dad.
Stockton - Sunday, Jan. 7, 1973
Morning in the yard. Photos taken on a day in Stockton.

Feather River Canyon Trip

Photos taken on an amazing trip to the canyon in the winter of 1973. I was with my best friend in high school, Paul Burmeister and his dad Bud Burmeister.

WP Highline, Lake Almanor - Saturday, February 10, 1973
WP Highline trip in the winter of 1973.

Day Outings

Day trips in the early months of 1973.

Oakland, CA - Tuesday, Feb. 27, 1973
A rainy day in Oakland
San Jose - Sunday, March 11, 1973
Photos taken on a typical Sunday in San Jose in 1973.
Tracy - Sunday, March 18, 1973
Morning in the yard. Shot DL-721 4007 on this day.
Roseville - Friday, March 23, 1973
Photos taken on a day trip to Roseville. SP C643 9800 is featured.

Southern California Trip

A trip with my dad to Southern California

Tehachapi Pass, CA - Thursday, March 29, 1973
We drove via Tehachapi Pass
Barstow, CA - Friday, March 30, 1973
We saw a lot of trains and wrecked power being taken to San Bernadino
Colton, CA - Saturday, March 31, 1973
We hung out in Colton. Also went to Fontana and shot D&RGW power in Kaiser, CA.
The City of Industry, CA - Sunday, April 1, 1973
We went after the C-415s

Day or less outings

Short day trips in 1973.

Stockton, CA - Sunday, April 8, 1973
Hung out watching trains. SP 2524 was switching.
Milpitas, CA - Sunday, April 22, 1973
WP 915D was on the lead of the SJT.
Newark, CA - Sunday, May 12, 1973
Photos taken on a day trip to the east bay.
Roseville - Sunday, May 27, 1973
Photos taken on a day trip to Roseville. SP ALCos were in service at Roseville.
Pittsburg, CA - Friday - June 01, 1973
I went to Pittsburg, CA in late Spring 1973
Oakland - Monday, June 25, 1973
I went to Oakland, CA in mid June 1973
Roseville - Thursday, June 28, 1973
I went to Roseville, CA in early summer 1973. SP 3611 led a train into Antelope on this day.

Trip to the Northwest

A summer adventure up north. This is likely the same trip these photos were taken.

Vancouver, WA - Tuesday, July 17, 1973
We were in Vancouver and shot at least one train with a mix of BN RS3's and an SP GP35
Klamath Falls - Friday, July 20, 1973
On this date I was in Klamath Falls and possibly other locations in Southern Oregon.

Idaho Trip

I went to Idaho in early September 1973

Nampa, Idaho - Sunday, September 9, 1973
I made a side trip to Nampa with my cousin.

Day or Less Outings

Short outings of a day or less in Northern California.

Roseville - Saturday, November 10, 1973
On November 10, 1973, a rainy Saturday night in Roseville, CA SP GP30 5015 waits for a call to work.
Oakland - Tuesday, December 18, 1973
Another Oakland Day Trip. I went to Oakland, CA in mid December 1973

Southern California Trip

I went to SoCal in late December 1973

Los Angeles - Friday, December 28, 1973
I was in LA on this day.
Colton - Saturday, December 29, 1973
I was in Colton on this day.

1973 date unknown

Photos taken at various dates in (or about) 1973. Precise date not known, by location.

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Special Thanks

All the great folks who helped me out with information for these Web pages!

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