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Railfan notes from 1973

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In 1973 I was a high school senior, graduating in June 1973. I started Junior College that Fall.

Trips and dates

Day Outings

Day trips or less at the start of 1973.

Monday, January 1, 1973
A day in the valley, Tracy and Stockton.
Evening in Martinez - Wednesday, Jan. 3, 1973
Ozol yard night trains - Photos taken on an evening at work with my dad.
Stockton - Sunday, Jan. 7, 1973
Morning in the yard. Photos taken on a day in Stockton.

Feather River Canyon Trip

Photos taken on an amazing trip to the canyon in the winter of 1973. I was with my best friend in high school, Paul Burmeister and his dad Bud Burmeister.

WP Highline, Lake Almanor - Saturday, February 10, 1973
WP Highline trip in the winter of 1973.

Day Outings

Day trips in the early months of 1973.

Oakland, CA - Tuesday, Feb. 27, 1973
A rainy day in Oakland
San Jose - Sunday, March 11, 1973
Photos taken on a typical Sunday in San Jose in 1973.
Tracy - Sunday, March 18, 1973
Morning in the yard. Shot DL-721 4007 on this day.
Roseville - Friday, March 23, 1973
Photos taken on a day trip to Roseville. SP C643 9800 is featured.

Southern California Trip

A trip with my dad to Southern California

Tehachapi Pass, CA - Thursday, March 29, 1973
We drove via Tehachapi Pass
Barstow, CA - Friday, March 30, 1973
We saw a lot of trains and wrecked power being taken to San Bernadino
Colton, CA - Saturday, March 31, 1973
We hung out in Colton. Also went to Fontana and shot D&RGW power in Kaiser, CA.
The City of Industry, CA - Sunday, April 1, 1973
We went after the C-415s

Day or less outings

Short day trips in 1973.

Stockton, CA - Sunday, April 8, 1973
That morning I was in Stockton, CA. It was very typical in those days to go to Stockton and hang out with Don Jewell and others at the diamonds.
Milpitas, CA - Sunday, April 22, 1973
WP 915-D was on the lead of the SJT.
Newark, CA - Sunday, May 12, 1973
Photos taken on a day trip to the east bay.
Oakland — Saturday, May 19, 1973
Another day in Oakland
Pittsburg, Sunday, May 20, 1973
A lazy afternoon
Roseville - Sunday, May 27, 1973
Photos taken on a day trip to Roseville. SP ALCos were in service at Roseville.
Pittsburg, CA - Friday - June 01, 1973
I went to Pittsburg, CA in late Spring 1973
Oakland, Tuesday, June 5, 1973
Another day in 1973 in Oakland.
Oakland, Sunday, June 10, 1973
Yet another day in 1973 in Oakland.
Oakland - Monday, June 25, 1973
I went to Oakland, CA in mid June 1973
Roseville - Thursday, June 28, 1973
I went to Roseville, CA in early summer 1973. SP 3611 led a train into Antelope on this day.

Trip to the Northwest

A summer adventure up north. This is likely the same trip these photos were taken.

Vancouver, WA - Tuesday, July 17, 1973
We were in Vancouver and shot at least one train with a mix of BN RS3's and an SP GP35
Klamath Falls - Friday, July 20, 1973
On this date I was in Klamath Falls and possibly other locations in Southern Oregon.

Idaho Trip

I went to Idaho in early September 1973

Nampa, Idaho - Sunday, September 9, 1973
I made a side trip to Nampa with my cousin.

Day or Less Outings

Short outings of a day or less in Northern California.

Roseville - Saturday, November 10, 1973
On November 10, 1973, a rainy Saturday night in Roseville, CA SP GP30 5015 waits for a call to work.
Oakland - Tuesday, December 18, 1973
Another Oakland Day Trip. I went to Oakland, CA in mid December 1973

Southern California Trip

I went to SoCal in late December 1973

Los Angeles - Friday, December 28, 1973
I was in LA on this day.
Colton - Saturday, December 29, 1973
I was in Colton on this day.

1973 date unknown

Photos taken at various dates in (or about) 1973. Precise date not known, by location.

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