SP SDP45 3201
Southern Pacific (SP) SDP45 3201 on the point of Amtrak number 12 in Newark, CA on Saturday, May 12, 1973.
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Saturday, May 12, 1973

Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1973 : May 12, 1973

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Photos taken on a trip to Newark, maybe to meet Larry Sprock.

Newark and east bay area

Newark, CA

SP Yard

SP 3201 EMD SDP-45, SP Class EP636-1

SP 3201 in Newark
Southern Pacific (SP) SDP45 3201 on the point of Amtrak number 12 in Newark, CA on Saturday, May 12, 1973.

I posted this photo to Facebook (FB) and Train Orders with the following caption, "Mystery Photo! I have no idea where I shot this photo or what train it is. Can you help? Southern Pacific SDP45 3201 on the point of an unknown passenger train on May 12, 1973."
Ron Lehmer said, "it looks like a Coast Starlight. You've got two dead heading cars ahead of the baggage car." Ryan M. Martin said, "the used tie "fence line" on the left make me agree with Newark wye but at Carter (not Cherry) with the Dumbarton line veering off to the left. So that switch on the right would be the freight dock area located between Carter street and Thornton? I replied to Ryan, "thanks. I think that's it. At my age, my memories sometimes become like feelings, vague notions really. This feels right to me!. Ron Lehmer added, "Yeah, I was starting to think Carter as well, just couldn't get back to FB."

OPRRMS said on Altamont Press:
Photo #1 is of Train 12 on the main track at the north end (timetable west) of the Newark yard. The Santa Clara Siding is visible on the other side of the mainline. The track taking off to the right is the "Rickwell" (sp?) which was one of two leads going from the mainline into that end of the yard. The south leg of the wye heading to Centerville and Niles is barely visible in the distance beyond that. The switches and signals for all of these tracks were controlled by the operator at Newark Tower, which was actually just a small single-story building located west of the east wye switch. The Eucalyptus trees in the far distance on the other side of the train marked the west end of the Santa Clara Sliding "Extension" and was where units for the various Newark locals were often parked. The Dumbarton wye and the Newark depot (the area is now called Carter by UP) are out of sight and around a curve beyond that. Directly behind where you are standing is a grade crossing (might be Central Avenue, but it's been at least 25 years since I've been there, so my memory is fuzzy - look it up on a map if you wish), and behind the crossing is the Newark yard.

Milpitas, CA

Near Ford Plant (Now the Great Mall)

WP Yard

WP 2006 EMD GP20, Class RS-64

WP 2006 in Milpitas
Western Pacific (WP) EMD GP20 2006 is resting in the WP Yard in Milpitas, CAon Saturday, May 12, 1973.

WP 2007 EMD GP20, Class RS-64

WP 2007 in Milpitas
Western Pacific (WP) EMD GP20 2009 is resting in the WP Yard in Milpitas, CA, on Saturday, May 12, 1973.

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