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Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1973 : Unknown Date : Oakland

Unknown day in Oakland in 1973

1973 | Unknown Day

Various photos, taken or thought to be taken in Oakland in (or around) 1973, by location. Precise date not known.

Oakland, CA

West Oakland

WP Yard
WP 704 EMD GP7
In the Summer of 1973, Western Pacific (WP) orange and silver GP7 704 is waiting for work in West Oakland.
  • This photo is also from film roll number 2-14 35mm Panatomic X shot the Summer of 1973. Note the old Adeline Street bridge in the background.

WP 921-D (921) EMD F7, Class S-62

WP 921-D in Oakland
Western Pacific (WP) EMD F7 921-D is resting in the WP Power Pool in Oakland, CA on an unrecorded day in 1973.
WP 1503 EMD SW1500
Down Adeline Street, in Oakland, sits the WP. Western Pacific (WP) 1503 is an SW1500. 35mm Panatomic-X shot in the summer of 1973.
WP 2002 EMD GP20
In the summer of 1973, Western Pacific (WP) GP20 2002 is short some batteries in West Oakland. This photo is also from roll 2-14, a roll of 35mm Panatomic X shot in 1973.
WP 2257 GE U23B
Western Pacific (WP) 2257 in Oakland, 1973.
WP 3514 EMD GP40
In the summer of 1973, Western Pacific (WP) orange and silver GP40 3514 is waiting for work in West Oakland.
WP 3533 EMD GP40
Western Pacific (WP) GP40 3533 sits waiting for work in West Oakland. 35mm Panatomic-X shot in the summer of 1973.

SP Yard

Desert Yard

SP 3312 EMD GP9R, SP Class EF418E-1

SP 3312 in Oakland
Southern Pacific 3312, a GP9R, photographed in Oakland's Desert Yard. 35mm Panatomic-X shot in the summer of 1973.
West Oakland Diesel Shop

SP 6453 EMD FP7, EP415A-5

SP 6453 in Oakland
Southern Pacific 6453 is here photographed at the West Oakland Diesel Shop on an unknown date in December 1973.

SSW 7600 EMD GP40, SP Class EF430C-1

SSW 7600 in Oakland, CA
Southern Pacific (SP) subsidiary Cotton Belt GP40 7600 goes under the BART tracks on the east leg of the wye at West Oakland, CA. The date for this photo was not recorded, likely in 1973.

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