1973 in Nampa Idaho

Sunday, September 9, 1973

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In 1973 I was too young to drive too far. But, my parents went to visit relatives in Boise, Idaho. So, on Sunday, September 9, 1973 I made a side trip to Nampa with my cousin. I was shooting Sears slide film my dad gave me which faded to purple pudding within a few years, and tinkering with a black and white film called H&W Control. This stuff was grainless when developed in H&W developer. It was amazing stuff and that's what these were shot on. Besides having a slow ASA, H&W Control was a film and developer combination, it was a very good film for trains.

Nampa, ID


Power Pool

UP 334 EMD GP9, Unofficial Designation Omaha GP20

UP 334 EMD/UP Omaha GP20
Union Pacific (UP) GP9 334 was given an EMD turbocharger, and upgraded to 2000 horsepower, in Aug 1964 at the railroad's Omaha Shops, giving rise to the "Omaha GP20" name. Omaha GP20 334 and GP9B 139B are in Nampa on Sunday, September 9, 1973 .

UP 2801 GE U28C

UP 2801 in Nampa
Union Pacific (UP) U28C 2801 in Nampa, Idaho on on Sunday, September 9, 1973 .

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