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February 10, 1975, Monday

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On this day I was in San Jose, CA.


San Jose Area

Newhall Yard, Santa Clara

SP 2630 EMD SW1500

Model: EMD SW1500 Built As: SP 2630 Serial Number: 4608-40 Order No: 4608 Frame Number: 4608-40 Built: 5/1972 Became: CEFX 2630
Motley 2630 led OASJY in Newhall Yard
Southern Pacific SW1500 2630 leads a motley assortment of SP motive power including GP9E 3384, two SD45T-2’s and two Alco S6’s at Newhall Yard in Santa Clara, California. According to WAF on Trainorders this is the OASJY, February 10, 1975
  • Photo of OASJY
    Kodachrome Slide 5.496: Scan 2008021102.2

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