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SP Kodachrome GP9 2873 at Patterson

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I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. The Southern Pacific railroad will always be my favorite railroad!

SP and its subsidiaries

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SP 2871 EMD GP9R, SP Class ES418E-1

Reportedly (sources) SP 2871 was built in Oct. 1954 as T&NO 412, class DF-604, order 5368-02, construction number 19993. In the 1965 renumbering it became SP 3424. It was rebuilt as 3304, SP Class EF418E-1, in April 1970. In November 1978 it became 2871. In the early 80's it was renumbered back to 3304. In March 1984 it was sold to Chrome Crankshaft and scrapped the following November.
SP 2871 in Roseville
Southern Pacific GP9 2871 is shown on an unknown day in May 1979 in Roseville, CA.
  • Photo of SP 2871
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.550, Scan 2010101501.44

SP 2873 EMD GP9, SP Class ES418R-3

Reportedly (sources) SP 2873 was built in Dec. 1956 as SP T&NO 443, SP Class DF-611; EMD order number 5515-05, builder number 22897. It became 3565 in the 1965 renumbering, SP Class EF418-7. It was rebuilt in Feb 1977 to SP 3798; SP Class EF418R-3. In Dec. 1978 it was demoted to switcher status becoming the 2873, SP Class ES418R-3. This engine was retired in April 1991. In December 1992 it was sold to LMC Metals in Richmond, CA. In Jan. 1993 it went to the Feather River Railroad Society in Portola, CA. It is still running there.
SP 2873 in Patterson
SP Geeps 2873 and 3779 switch Patterson Frozen Foods in Patterson, CA. The Westside Hauler is headed railroad east on the then SP Westside Line on May 12, 1989.
  • Photo of SP 2873
    Kodachrome Slide 890105, Scan 2010091301.5

SP 2883 EMD GP9, SP Class ES418-9

Reportedly (sources) SP 2883 was built in August 1959 by EMD order number 5608-11 as SP 5883, SP Class DF-616. It became the 3719, SP Class EF418-9, in the 1965 renumbering. It was not rebuilt and in Nov. 1978 was renumbered 2883. It was retired in 1984 and traded in to EMD.
SP 2883 in Roseville
Southern Pacific GP9 2883 is in Roseville, CA on Saturday, February 23, 1980.
  • Photo of SP 2883
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.551, Scan 2010101501.45

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