Southern Pacific (SP) MK-9, 2-8-2 3316, Reportedly in Tracy, 1940.
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Train photos from 1940s

Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1940

Trip Notes


Photos taken, or thought to be taken, 1940-1949.

Photos taken, or thought to be taken, in or circa 1940
Photos taken, or thought to be taken, in or circa 1942

NOTE: If anything is my "life's work" it's my train photos. — If you scan an analog photo of mine, or if you share a digital photo I took that does not have my photo credit, add something like "Photo by Steve Sloan" directly onto the image. It's not enough to say "Photo by Steve Sloan" in the text caption. People download photos off the Internet/Social Media platform and whatever is in the text does not stick to the photo. Then, they get reshared and that data is lost. I deserve credit for my work.

You may not use my photos for profit and/or as part of, or to sell, a product or service without my consent.

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