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Sunday - February 24, 1980

Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1980 : Feb. 24, 1980

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Apparently I was in the area. I or we were apparently visiting friends or family in the area as we were living in San Jose at this time.

Sacramento - Roseville Area

Roseville, CA

SP Yard

SP 2914 ALCo RS11, SP Class AS418-4

SP 2914 in Roseville
Southern Pacific RS11 2914 waits at Roseville, CA for shipment up the NWP to the California Western RR on Feb. 24, 1980

SP 2936 ALCo RS11, SP Class AS418-6

SP 2936 in Roseville
Southern Pacific RS11 2936 an Alco RS11 sits at Roseville, CA on Feb. 24, 1980. It is waiting to go up north to the Pend Oreille Valley Rwy.
  • Photo of SP 2936
    Ektachrome Slide 5.567
  • Rescan of photo of SP 2936
    Rescan: Analog Image, Ektachrome Slide 2-5.567, Scan 2010110101ph.1

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