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Railfan notes from 1995

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Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1995

Some of my first east coast railfanning happened this year. This was the year after I married Susie and Susie and I and the kids moved into our new home this year.

Trip to Tehachapi

June 4, 1995

In early June of 1995 Susie and I chased trains over Tehachapi Pass.

Sunday, June 4, 1995

A day in the Tehachapi Mountains. We were in Caliente, Mojave and Bealville.

Trip to New York

June 22, 1995 to July 7, 1995

In June of 1995 Susie, Ken and I went to the east coast and I chased trains a few times

June 27, 1995, Tuesday

On Tuesday, June 27, 1995, Sue, Ken and I went to the town Sue grew up in, Rye, NY.

Wednesday, June 28, 1995

On Tuesday, June 28, 1995, Sue, Ken, Colleen and I went to Manhattan in New York City. Among the things we did this day was to go to the top of the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

June 29, 1995, Thursday

On this day I went to visit my friend Jeanette via Stamford, CT. I saw FL9 and AEM7 locomotive pulled trains.

June 30, 1995, Friday

A day in the Hudson River Region of New York State, chasing FL9s and TurboTrains.

Trip or Day Outings

Day or less trips.

Saturday, December 16, 1995

Chased SP 2472 between San Jose and San Francisco with Jon Porter.

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All the great folks who helped me out with information for these Web pages!

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