Am 112 at Bealville

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Railfan notes from 2008

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Various photos from 2008. This year Susie and I were living in San Jose. Eldest son Steve and his then wife Luci had their son this year.


A day trip to Modesto

March 31, 2008
An early Spring excursion in 2008. Chasing SW1500s on the M&ET.

Less than a Day Outings

Outings not involving an overnight.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
On Tuesday, April 8, 2008, Union Pacific ran a special train on the former SP coast line. We started following it from Elkhorn Slough, south of Watsonville CA and followed it to San Jose, CA.

Tehachappi Trip

A trip to Tehachappi as the green was starting to fade.

Sunday, April 13, 2008
Trains with green hills on BAK/TF

A trip to Washington and the east coast

We went to Washington and then flew to the east coast

Saturday, May 24, 2008
On Saturday, May 24, 2008, Susie and I were in Monroe, WA anticipating the birth of our grandson Sol. The hospital he was born in was near the BNSF mainline so we saw trains while we waited for his birth.

Another day trip to Modesto

July 30, 2008
A Summer excursion in 2008. Chasing 70-Tonners and SW1500s on the M&ET.

Local train action in Los Gatos

August 24, 2008
The circus train laid over in Los Gatos.

A stop on Tehachapi - BAK/TF

Sep 5, 2008
I spent some time next to the tracks on the way to a meeting.

A trip to Tehachapi - BAK/TF

Oct 25, 2008
Photos on this day around Bealville.
Oct 26, 2008
Photos on this day include Amtrak detour trains in Bealville.

An afternoon in Vancouver, WA

November 11, 2008
While at a family wedding in Portland we went to Vancouver.

Yet another day trip to Modesto

December 30, 2008
My last railfan excursion of 2008. Chasing 70-tonners on the M&ET.

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