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WP (and its subsidiaries) Steam

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WP 62, ALCo, 21 Class, Symbol C-43, 2-8-0

According to good sources, WP 62 is Class 21, Symbol C-43 built by ALCo in 1909 last used in 1949 retired in 1950.
WP 62 in Portola
WP 2-8-0 62 on the turntable at Portola, CA. Date of photo unknown. Photographer most likely Bill Darrough, from the Darrough Collection. Since negatives were extensively traded it's possible Bill was not the photographer. Photos from this collection have been shared with permission from Jack Darrough, obtained before he died.

WP 254, Baldwin, 251 Class, Symbol M-137, 2-8-8-2

254 is from 251 Class, Symbol M-137 2-8-8-2, built in 1931 by Baldwin. Retired in 1952.
WP 254 leading Eastbound in Keddie
WP 2-8-8-2 254, leading an eastbound at Keddie, CA, date unknown.
WP 334 Alco 2-8-2 MK-60-71 Class
A photo my dad took in July 1970 of me on the WP Mikado at the Western Railroad Museum in Rio Vista. Western Pacific 334 reportedly is the sole surviving Alco Class 332 MK-60-71 2-8-2. With the distinctive "Desert Tenders", these "Big Mikes" operated primarily between Portola and Elko. 334 was retired in October 1952, but operated on several fan trips in 1956, making her the last steam locomotive on the WP.

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