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ATSF 8752 leading a mix of EMD and GEs on westbound cab hop at Walong on June 19, 1982.

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ATSF locomotives 8000-9999

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ATSF 8075 GE C30-7
C30-7, GE May79 42386, repainted to SPSF 8075, 31 Jul85- 24 Jul86, to GE Dec89 for GECX, returned Jan 1994 in SPSF paint, to CRL 567 xxx93, to Cycle Systems bef 8Jul96, to GE Lease Jan99, to Helm bef Mar99, to FAIX 3614 xxx99 [Source]

ATSF 8150, GE C30-7

ATSF 8150 is a C30-7. Reportedly ATSF 8150 was built by GE in July 1981, builder's number 43577, repainted to SPSF 8150 returned to GE Dec 1989 for GECX, to BN lease December 1991, became BNSF 5193, retired.
ATSF 8150 eastbound at Woodford
On Saturday, June 19, 1982, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF) C30-7 8150 and SD45-2 5635 lead an eastbound at Woodford, CA.
Speed Graphic 45 with 135mm Optar,. E200 @ 250 Focal Plane Shutter 1/1000 f16.

ATSF 8741, GE U36C

ATSF 8741 is a GE U36C. Reportedly ATSF 8741 was built by GE in 1974 as a U36C ATSF 8741 serial number 39691. It was painted in the Kodachrome scheme, then back to yellow bonnet, before being retired and returned to the lessor in 1992.
ATSF 8741 in Lugo
ATSF U36C 8741 near Lugo, CA on the east side of Cajon Pass on August 11, 1975

ATSF 8752, GE U36C

ATSF 8752 is a GE U36C. Reportedly ATSF 8752 was built in June 1974 by GE as a U36C builders number 39702. It was repainted to SPSF 8752 then repainted back to ATSF paint before retirement in September 1992.
ATSF U36C 8752 at Walong
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF) 8752 leading a mix of EMD and GEs on westbound cab hop at Walong on Saturday, June 19, 1982.
ATSF 9838 ALCo RSD15
ALCo, 26May60, serial no.: 83574, order no.: S-3324, ex-838:1, renumbered: 9838 16Dec69, repainted: 10Sep74, SB dead line bef 23Jun74, retired: 15Jan75, to FRVR 2405 Nov89, to GBW 2405, to WC 28Aug93, scrapped 1996 North Green Bay WI [Source]
  • Yellow bonnet DL600Bs were like bookends for seven pinstripe sisters in between. On this end were 9838 and 9804. October 22, 1974 was foggy in San Bernardino B-yard. See related photos of 9841.
    Neg, Scan 2010010801.9

ATSF 9841, ALCo RSD15

ATSF 9841 is an ALCo RSD15/DL600B. Reportedly: ATSF 9841 was built by ALCo in 1960 as ATSF 841 RSD15 serial number 83577. In 1969 it was renumbered 9841. It was repainted in 1972. It was retired in 1975 and sold. Other roadnames and numbers reported associated with this locomotive include LSI 2402, FRVR 2407, GBW 2407. It subsequently went to the Illinois Railway Museum in Union IL.
ATSF 9841 in San Bernardino
Tuesday, October 22, 1974, was foggy in San Bernardino, California. On this day I found nine Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway (ATSF) RSD15s in a dead line in the B-yard. ATSF 9841 is one of two yellow bonnet DL600Bs that were like bookends for seven pinstripe sisters in between.

On this end were 9841, 9812 and 9842. Steven D. Johnson said:

I think these may have been spotted up at the top end of the 'B' Yard. There was an area near the North Main Track, RR west of the sweeping curve, and I think it was close to where Rialto Avenue crossed, where power was sometimes seen. This was before my time, and I'm judging this by other pix I've seen. Also, the high-tension power lines- the towers in the back of your second posting- ran roughly parallel to the B Yard, but at a slight angle. They are still there, and can be seen crossing through the Autoveyor that is between the Short Way (MT4) and Mains One through Three.

As a side note, the Ice plant was at the top end of the B Yard, on the west side of the tracks. Jack Delano took many pix of this area and others, along the AT&SF Coast Lines during WWII for the Gov. Look up his poorly scanned negatives at the Library of Congress website. Now, having said all that, it would not surprise me one bit to find that deadline was indeed in the A Yard, but I'm pretty confident the power lines are a significant landmark. There weren't any other around to my knowledge. 'A' Yard is the yard that was directly in front of the Shops, between them and the Division Offices (depot).

It is still called A and B yards, albeit sans large shop complex. Another good source to check this info. would be Mr. Glen Icanberry. San Bernardino is spelled like this (I corrected my errors.) It's where I grew up and have some great foamin' memories and now some good Kodachromes and B&W from the mid to late 60's through the late 70's from my dad.

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