ATSF 8075

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Monday, March 20, 1989

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Photos from a weekday day trip to Stockton.

Stockton, CA

Near Tower

ATSF Mormon Yard

ATSF 8075 GE C30-7

Two Kodachrome C30-7s
Two Santa Fe Kodachrome C30-7s lead by ATSF 8075 are sole power on a westbound, captured at the Santa Fe's Mormon Yard in Stockton, CA on March 20, 1989.
Stockton Tower


San Joaquin passing Stockton Tower
Amtrak F40PHR 296 is eastbound at Stockton Tower with a San Joaquin on March 20, 1989.

Altamont Pass

Midway, CA

UP 659 EMD GP40

UP 659, former WP GP40 3510, at Midway
Union Pacific 659, former Western Pacific GP40 3510, is at Midway, CA (Altamont Pass) on a work train, March 20, 1989. It meets UP C40-8 9163 which is leading 9325, 9340 on the Milpitas Turn.

Patterson, CA

SP 3851 EMD GP9R, SP Class EF418R-4

SP 3851 in Patterson, CA
Southern Pacific GP9R 3851 is switching Patterson Frozen Foods in Patterson, CA on the Westside line on March 20, 1989. Later, shown South of Patterson.

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