SP 7373 at Westley, CA

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Railfan notes from 1989

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Various trips and photos from 1989

Day Outings

Single day or less outings in 1989.

Jan. 16, 1989
Oakdale - Photos from a trip to Oakdale, CA.
Feb. 9, 1989, Thursday
SD44 SP 7399 in Stockton.
Feb. 20, 1989, Monday
Westside Line - On Feb. 20, 1989 due a blockage on Southern Pacific’s valley route, caused by the 7502 derailment the Southern Pacific rerouted many trains from the valley line to the then seldom used westside line.
March 20, 1989
Stockton - Photos from a trip to Stockton.
May 12, 1989, Friday
Westside Line - SP geeps 2873 (Kodachrome) and 3779 on the Westside Hauler.

Trip to Tehachapi

May 14-15, 1989

May 14, 1989, Sunday
May 15, 1989, Monday

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