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Unknown Date in 1976, by location

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Photos taken, or thought to be taken, in 1976. Specific Date Unknown.

Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1976 : Unknown date

Oakland, CA

West Oakland

Desert Yard

SP 3783 EMD GP9R, SP Class EF418E-3

SP 3783 in Oakland
Southern Pacific GP9R 3783 leads another Geep west of the 16th Street Station, near 10th Street in West Oakland in July 1976.
West Oakland Yard

SP 3826 EMD GP9R, SP Class EF-418E-4

SP GP-9 3826 in Oakland
On an unknown date, likely in early 1976, newly rebuilt Southern Pacific GP9R 3826 is in West Oakland, CA

San Francisco Area

San Francisco, CA

7th and Townsend

SP 3187 EMD GP9E, SP Class EP418E-1

SP 3187 in San Francisco
Southern Pacific GP9E 3187 leads train 151 into San Francisco, CA on an unknown date in July 1976.

Tracy Stockton Area

Tracy, CA

SP Yard

SP 1408 EMD SD7

1408's fanny
Rear end detail of Southern Pacific SD7 1408 at Tracy, CA on an unknown day in November 1976
  • Photo of 1408's rear
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.227, Scan 2010092901.1

SP 3335 EMD GP9R, SP Class EF418E-2

SP 3335 in Tracy
Southern Pacific GP9Rs 3335 and 3423 heading down the Westside Line to Fresno in the yard and around the wye at Tracy, CA on an unrecorded day in November 1976.

Sacramento/Roseville Area

Placerville Branch

SP 3412 EMD GP9R, SP Class EF418E-2

SP 3412 in Fair Oaks, CA.
In October 1976 Southern Pacific GP9R 3412 leads a train west on the Placerville Branch past the Thunderbird Drive-In in Fair Oaks, CA.


SP 4333 EMD SD9R, SP Class EF618E-1

SP 4333 in Roseville
Southern Pacific SD9R 4333 is waiting for work in Roseville, CA. The date is unrecorded, likely around 11976.

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