The West Oakland Diesel Shop in Oakland, CA. On Wednesday October 17, 1984 there's an interesting mix of SP & D&RGW locomotives in the facility.


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Railfan notes from 1984

Steve Sloan's Trains : Trip Notes : 1984

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About 1984

1984 is the year that I recieved my BA in Photojournalism at SJSU. Candy and I were married and we lived in student housing at SJSU. We lived in San Jose, CA. I worked at SJSU as a photographer.

Trip to Canada

In the summer of 1984 I took a trip with my sons to Canada, chasing the 4449 daylight train up.

Saturday, June 23, 1984
On June 23 my two eldest sons and I chased the daylight train to Portland. Through the mountains we stopped at several locations to photograph the train. At the time I had a 1979 Dodge Omni. At Sims my eldest son opened a rear door and a pickup truck backed into the door as it was leaving to chase the train. We followed as best we could to Klamath Falls where my friend Mike Devlin lived. With the help of some 2x4s we straightened out the door as best we could. We continued the chase to Portland and then went on to British Columbia.
Sunday, June 24, 1984
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Friday, June 29, 1984
Vancouver, BC, VIA train with ABB F units

Day Outings

Single day or less outings in 1984.

Wednesday, October 17, 1984
Oakland - Photos from a day trip to Oakland, CA.

Special Thanks

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