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UP SD40-2 3271

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I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. The Union Pacific has come to dominate California Railroading in the 21st century

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UP and its subsidiaries

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UP 3025 EMD SD70AH-T4 with 4014 ALCo 4-8-8-4 Big Boy

UP 3025 is an EMD SD70AH-T4 reportedly built in 2016 as UP 3025, serial number 20146140-014.
UP 4014 & 3025 in Freisland, WI
On Thursday, July 25, 2019, Union Pacific (UP) Big Boy 4014 and UP SD70AH-T4 3025 are heading past United Wisconsin Grain Producers towards the Hwy 33 bridge south of Freisland, WI.

UP 3155, EMD SD40-2

UP 3155 is an EMD SD40-2. Reportedly: UP 3155 was built in 1972 by EMD as a model SD40-2, builders number 7334-33, UP 3155. This locomotive became UP 1958, an SD40N.
UP 3155 in Watsonville Jct.
On Tuesday, April 8, 2008, Union Pacific (UP) SD40-2 3155 is at Watsonville Junction, south of Watsonville, CA.

UP 3168, EMD SD40-2

UP 3168 is an SD40-2. Reportedly UP 3168 was built by EMD as UP 3168 in 1972, serial number 7334-46. This unit was reportedly retired in 2008.
UP 3168 in consist in Roseville
There was a time when Union Pacific (UP) SD40-2s were so plentiful everywhere some of us called them "roaches." UP 3168 and 3143 are in an engine consist in Roseville, CA on a warm Sunday, September 8, 1974.

UP 3271, EMD SD40-2

UP 3271 is an SD40-2. Reportedly UP 3271 was built by EMD as UP 3271 in 1974, serial number 73661-29. It was renumbered 8031 in 1976 and returned to 3271 in 1981. The unit was reportedly reconditioned and redesignated as an SD40-2R in the early 90s. Reportedly this unit became UP SD40N 1859.
UP 3271 in Oakland
On an unrecorded date in 1974 brand new "roach," Union Pacific (UP) SD40-2 3271, is near Magnolia Tower, in Oakland, CA with Cotton Belt EF636-C06 class SD45T-2 9165.

UP 3619 EMD SD40-2

UP 3619 was built on October 1979 as EMD builders number 786263-11.
UP 3619 in La Grande
Three old soldiers UP 3619, 3285 and 3185 sit at La Grande OR on June 11, 2007. Still earning a living after about 35 years of service for their owner.
  • Photo of UP 3619
    Nikon D2Hs Digital Image: 2007061101ph.13

UP 3645, EMD SD45

UP 3645 is an SD45. Reportedly UP 3645 was built in 1968 by EMD as a model SD45, builders number 34021, it was later renumbered 45. Units of this class were in service until 1987.
UP 3645 leading train at Yermo
On Monday August 11, 1975 Union Pacific (UP) SD45 3645 was a relatively common UP engine earning it’s keep. UP 3645 leads a mixed set: UP SD24B 427B, DRGW 5337, and a GP30B and two U30Cs at Yermo, CA.
  • Scanned from a print made off a Kodachrome 64 slide. Shot with a Nikkormat FTN with a 50mm f 2 Nikkor.
    2018020401ph.2, Print 1001.1.15.2
UP 3645 leading train at New Summit, Cajon Pass
On Monday August 11, 1975 UP SD45 3645 was a relatively common UP engine earning it’s keep. UP 3645 leads a set of mixed power A & B units, EMDs and GE U-boats and even a D&RGW SD45 at New Summit, CA. Soon the train will be drifting downhill.
  • Scanned from a print made off a Kodachrome 64 slide. Shot with a Nikkormat FTN with a Vivitar 90~230 T4 lens.
    2018020401ph.1, Print 1001.1.15.1

UP 3943 EMD SD70M

According to good sources UP 3943 was built in 2003 by EMD as a model SD70M, builders number 2006271-221, from UP series 3874-3973.
SD70M 3943 in Albany, OR
UP SD70M 3943 is in Albany, OR is sitting while leading a train on Thursday, March 14, 2019.
UP 3946 EMD SD70M
Union Pacific SD70M 3946 and GEVO 7741 head east (railroad south) at Walong, CA on April 12, 2008

UP 3978 EMD SD70M

The Permanente Local
UP 3978 and 3988 lead the Permanente Local as it crosses Race St. in San Jose, CA at 12:41 pm om Dec. 27, 2013.
  • Photo of local
    Nikon D600 Digital Image: 2013122702ph.2

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