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I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. The Southern Pacific railroad will always be my favorite railroad!

SP 4449

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SP 4449 Lima 4-8-4, SP Class GS-4

SP 4449 is a Lima 4-8-4, SP Class GS-4. Reportedly: SP 4449 was built in 1941 by Lima as a model GS-4, builders number 7817, SP 4449, SP Class GS-4. In 1956 the locomotive was pulled from Storage by SP and donated to the City of Portland. This locomotive is currently owned by the City of Portland, Oregon.
SP 4449 on the way to Sacramento in 1975
SP 4449 is leading some passenger cars on Saturday, June 21, 1975 on the way to Sacramento, CA, photo near El Camino Ave. in Sacramento, CA.
SP 4449 in Sacramento in 1975
SP 4449 and SP 1 (the C.P. Huntington) were both on display in Sacramento on Sunday, June 22, 1975.
  • Mamiya/Sekor 1000 DTL:
    Photo by my dad Lloyd D. Sloan. Scanned from and 8x10 print from a Kodachrome slide.
    From Photo Album 1001.1.32.1, Scan 2018.
SP 4449 at night in Sparks in 1975
On Monday, November 24, 1975, SP 4449 in Freedom Train colors is laying over for the night in Sparks, Nevada. The American Freedom Train was in Reno/Sparks, Nevada, November 24-26, 1975. This was the train's 45th display city. It was displayed next to the Nugget Casino, 14th and Nugget Ave. From there it went to Sacramento.
Steaming towards Sacramento
On Thanksgiving Thursday, November 27, 1975, the American Freedom Train traveled from Reno, NV to Sacramento, CA. The American Freedom Train with SP 4449 on the point is approaching Roseville, enroute to Sacramento, CA and display.
SP 4449 at in Martinez in 1975
Early on the cold morning of Thursday, December 4, 1975 the American Freedom Train with 4449 on the point makes a brief stop in Martinez, CA enroute to Oakland, CA and display.
SP 4449 in Martinez in 1977
SP 4449 on the Amtrak Transcontinental Steam Excursion, captured heading eastbound at Martinez, CA on Friday, April 29, 1977.
SP 4449 near Dunsmuir in 1984
On Saturday, June 23, 1984, my older sons and I chased the daylight train to Portland. This photo was taken as it was approaching Dunsmuir.
SP 4449 Video, Shasta line to Portland, 1984
From some super8 movies I shot starting on June 23, 1984 during the 1980's converted to digital video. This short movie clip was made of the World's Fair Daylight returning to Portland in June 1984. My then very young sons and I chased the train north. This video is unpublished and features a full daylight train with McCloud steam, SP, Amtrak and even some BCR Alco action. Since the film was silent, some music from the band Everyday Jones was dubbed in to give it a bit of a Winterail flavor.
That Nose!
Portland owned Southern Pacific (SP) 4449 is at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center in Portland, OR, on Saturday, March 25, 2023.

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Transcontinental Steam Excursion train
In April 1977, a special Amtrak-sponsored Transcontinental Steam Excursion train was led by Southern Pacific steam locomotive No. 4449.
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The ORHF mission is to secure a permanent home for the City of Portland’s steam locomotives and establish a Rail and Industrial Heritage Museum.
Preamble Express
In preparation for the Bicentennial journey of the American Freedom Train, the four-car Preamble Express was dispatched to scout the route and court host city officials. For five months in the summer and fall of 1974 the Preamble Express made calls in all 48 contiguous states. Dozens of display sites were evaluated and hundreds of local officials and law enforcement were informed of the requirements to host America's largest Bicentennial event.

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