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I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. The Southern Pacific railroad will always be my favorite railroad!

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Steve Sloan's Trains : Southern Pacific : Locomotives 1400-1699

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SP 1408 EMD SD7, SP Class ES615-1

According to good sources, SP SD7 1408 was ordered in Apr. 1952 in EMD order 5157, frame 5157-09 ,construcion number 17152 and built with low 65:12 gears as a road frieght locomotive, SP Class DF-114 SP 5287. In the early 60s this class was given more normal 62:15 gearing and in the 1965 renumbering the class was recategorized as switchers, SP 2708, class ES615-1. In January 1974 it was renumbered as SP 1408 to clear the 2700 number block for MP15AC switchers. In May 1980 1408 was upgraded to SD7R SP 1536, Class ES615R-1. In September 1991 the 1536 burned at Pomona and was retired.
1408's fanny
Rear end detail of Southern Pacific SD7 1408 at Tracy, CA on an unknown day in November 1976.
  • Photo of 1408's rear.
    On June 13, 2014 this was posted to Altamont Press.
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.227, Scan 2010092901.1

SP 1411 EMD SD7, SP Class ES615-1

According to good sources, including Strapac's fantastic SP Compendium series, SP 1411 was built in Jan 1953 by EMD as a model SD7, builders number TTTT, SP 5290, SP Class DF-114. In 1965 it was recategorized as a switcher and renumbered to SP 2711 SP Class ES615-1. In XXX 1974 it became SP 1411 EMD SD7, SP Class ES615-1.
This locomotive was upgraded in April 1980 emerging as SD7R SP 1534 SP Class ES615R-1.
The disposition of this locomotive is,
1411 with solid red sill
SP SD7 1411 at Tracy, CA in a variation of SP's red and gray paint, Oct. 6, 1974.
  • Photo of 1411
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.230, Scan 2010092901.2

SP 1421 EMD SD7, SP Class ES615-3

Reportedly SP 5314, builder's number 18406, was built July 1953 became 2721 then became 1421 in Sep 1979 it was rebuilt into SP SD7R (ES615 R1) 1508. SP 1508 was sold to National Railway Equipment in April 28, 1997.
1421 in Roseville
SD 7 1421 switches Roseville on September 29, 1974. This locomotive is switching the east end of the yard and is coupled to a PFE refer.

SP 1423 EMD SD7, SP Class ES615-4

Reportedly this locomotive was built in Aug 1953 as 5316, builder's number 18381, renumbered to 2723 then to 1423. In May 1980 it was rebuilt to SP 1540. SP 1505, 1520, 1524, and 1540 were sold to Helm Financial in July 1997; 1540 was scrapped by Metro East Industries, East St. Louis, Ill., in November 1997.
1423 in Roseville
Southern Pacific SD7 1423 still appears to have its steam generator in Roseville in March 1978 on an unknown date.
  • Photo of 1423
    Please note, this negative was made on a funky Eastern European film and had a problem in development. I tried to compensate as best I could in Photoshop.
    Film Efke KB17, Neg 3-7-13, Scan 2010030701.13

SP 1423 EMD NW2E, SP Class ES410E-2

Reportedly (sources) in June 1949, built new as Southern Pacific No. 1423. 1965, renumbered by SP to No. 1951, class ES410-2. 1972, rebuilt by the SP Houston Shops and upgraded to NW-2E Renumbered by SP to No. 1335. 1986, retired by SP and purchased by Parr Terminal Railroad, Richmond, CA (date unknown) and renumbered to No.1402. November 2000, donated to the Pacific Locomotive Association by Parr Terminal. Restored to SP 1423 by July 2001.
NW2 in Sunol
Former SP NW2 1423 at the Brightside Yard, near Sunol, CA on March 10, 2013.
  • Photo of 1423
    Nikon D300s Digital Image: 2013031002ph.6

SP 1433 EMD SD7, SP Class ES615-4

Sep 1953 built as 5326, renumbered 2733, then 1433. In Sep 1979 rebuilt to SP 1509.
1433 in Roseville
Southern Pacific SD7 1433 is at the PFE facility in Roseville, CA on August 6, 1974. According to DaylightGS4 on Trainorders, "If the SD-7 is photographed just at the correct side angle, one can see the vertical steps up to the front deck and back deck of the frame. On the SD-7, the bottom step is all by itself with no pyramid like steps leading to the front and back decks like on the SD-9 or GP-9 models. The straight up approach to the deck was not far removed from climbing into the cab of an F unit. The nice wide step at the bottom was great for the pin puller following the engine all shift long."
Richard Stodola said on Facebook, "It appears this unit has a steam generator in the short nose. Is this correct? I haven't noticed the stack before." Brian Moore replied, "The last twenty were steam-generator-equipped from new."
  • Photo of 1433
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.241, Scan 201010100801.2

SP 1442 EMD SD7, SP Class ES615-4

Built Sep 1953 as 5335 renumbered 2742 then renumbered 1442. Apr 1980 rebuilt to SP 1528.
1442 at Bayshore
Southern Pacific SD7 1442 at the Bayshore Roundhouse in San Francisco, CA on an unrecorded day in February 1975.
  • Photo of 1442
    Analog Image, Kodachrome Slide 5.246, Scan 201010100801.3

"SP" 1487 (Replica) FM H-12-44

Replica of SP FM H-12-44 1487, black overall with orange tiger stripes. Owned by Golden Gate Railway Museum. Formerly U.S. Army 1847, based at Hawthorne, Nevada. [SOURCE]
Replica SP FM
Golden Gate Railroad Museums former U.S. Army H-12-44. Wellsville, Addison and Galeton Railroad (WAG) 46, former SP F7A 6378 is next to it. Photo is at Niles Canyon Railway's Brightside Yard, 2 miles west of Sunol, CA on March 28, 2010.
  • Photo of 1487
    Nikon D300s Digital Image 2010032801.116
  • Photo of 1487 Closer
    Nikon D300s Digital Image 2010032801.120

SP 1522 EMD SD7R, SP Class ES615R-1

Built Aug 1953 as SP 5320. In 1965 became SP 2727 renumbered SP 1427 rebuilt into SP 1522 Feb 1980. Retired May 1993, April 1995 sold to Omni-Trax. Scrapped November 2001.
1522 in Ogden
Southern Pacific SD7R 1522 is in Ogden, Utah on August 3, 1981.
  • Photo of 1522
    Analog Image, Ektachrome Slide 5.249, Scan 2010100801.4

SP 1531, EMD SD7R, SP Class ES615R-1

According to good sources, including Strapac's fantastic SP Compendium series, SP 1531 was built in 1953 by EMD as a model SD7, builders number 5157-08, SP 5286, SP Class DF-114. In 1965 it was renumbered to SP 2707 and reclassified as a switcher SP Class ES-615-1. In 1965 it was renumbered to SP 1407.
This locomotive was upgraded in 1980 emerging as SP 1531 SP Class ES615R-1.
The disposition of this locomotive is, sold in 1995. Scrapped in 1998.
SP 1531, SD-7 in Roseville
On May 12, 1986 SP SD7E 1531 is with 1526 in Roseville, CA. 4x5 GAF (Ansco) 200 film. Neg 46.34.2 from folder 2018083101ph

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